Consolidated Gypsum and Roofing Supply

Consolidated Gypsum and Roofing Supply distributes drywall, roofing, and related products from six locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan. They sell to contractors and building retailers, with roughly 65% of their business in drywall supplies and 35% in roofing supplies. 

Lower Cost vs. Generic ERP Customization

They recently upgraded business management software to the Epicor BisTrack system. “We were on an aging legacy system. We were one of the largest customers of our software supplier, and they had been very accommodating in building a system around our processes,” recalls David Archutick, CFO at Consolidated. “The problem was that we were not very efficient in the ways we were doing some things. We had drifted away from industry best practices, and were doing some fairly convoluted calculations with spreadsheets.”

“We selected Epicor BisTrack software for its overall workflow, ease of use, and the business intelligence it offered” 

David Archutick
CFO | Consolidated Gypsum and Roofing Supply

“Initially, we looked at some generic ERP solutions. But because of customization needed to handle complexities such as rebates, the generic ERP
solutions were cost-prohibitive,” recalls Archutick. “We decided to look into industry-specific solutions, and the Epicor BisTrack system was the winner.”

“We selected Epicor BisTrack software for its overall workflow, ease of use, and the business intelligence it offered,” says Archutick. “We immediately saw some real benefits in the ease of training new users. In terms of workflow, it gave us both the control and flexibility to monitor sales orders and the delivery process in ways that make sense for our industry. And from a senior management perspective, being able to see information on a very timely basis and to manage by exception was a huge plus.”

Rebate Management a “Surprising” Benefit

“One of the surprising benefits was finding a system that manages our rebates very well,” says Archutick. He explains, “There are significant dollars involved in these rebates, so getting every rebate dollar to which we're entitled can make a significant difference to the company's bottom line.”

Archutick explains, “Supplier rebate programs can be very complex, with 10 or more components, each potentially with varying payment frequencies. In our old system, the accounts payable staff spent 50%-75% of their time managing rebates, and it took six weeks to produce monthly financial statements because managing rebates took so long. Now in the Epicor BisTrack system, we set up pricing rules and average cost
adjustments so that accounting for the rebates happens automatically. When we receive the product, all of the financial information is tied to the appropriate GLs. Our AP staff simply verifies it, and we can produce the rebate portion of the financial statements within two or three days after month end.”

“Managing our rebates in Epicor BisTrack software saves us a whole lot of work and effort in spreadsheets,” says Archutick. “We have been able to reallocate much of our AP and rebate management staff.”

Price Controls Ensure Accountability

Archutick also appreciates the flexibility built into Epicor BisTrack software to help them manage pricing and margins. He says, “Pricing is a big challenge in our industry. Margins are tight to begin with, and there are many tools in Epicor BisTrack software to help us manage our pricing.”

He continues, “We saw that there was an excessive amount of contract pricing or manual discounting going on, and we had little or no control over how pricing was set. Now, we use Epicor BisTrack functionality to create standard selling rules for different customer profiles based on their volume and other factors. Approval workflows within BisTrack ensure that any contract pricing set up is reviewed and approved by sales management.
The tools in Epicor BisTrack software help us hold our sales people accountable for the discounting that they're doing, and that has been a big plus for us. We continue to evolve in the pricing area, but we have a lot better control now.”

In addition, Consolidated Gypsum and Roofing can manage their inventory and pricing tables faster. “You can create product groups with 'based-on' and 'parent' codes-both on the costing and selling price. So we only have to change costing or selling price on the parent code, and it updates the entire product group. It's much faster,” says Archutick.

Better Information in Flexible Units

“Epicor BisTrack software also does a really good job of creating orders of tallied items, so that the warehouse gets the info they need to pick the right number of each board size, and products on the resulting invoice are grouped,” says Archutick.

“Also, it's nice that you can switch units of measure with the click of a button,”says Archutick, explaining that their management sometimes needs to analyze their sales performance with square footage metrics. He provides examples: “How much did we move? Which branches are most active? What's our GMROI of various products?”

Gains from Dispatch Visibility and Centralization

"The visibility of our entire order process from within Epicor BisTrack dispatch functionality makes us a whole lot more efficient, which is crucial in the competitive environment in which we operate,” says Archutick.

He explains, “We're dealing with large truckloads of product. Having a clear understanding of our orders status, so that we can schedule our work and honor our commitments, has been very helpful. We used to do that manually on spreadsheets, with no real integration, and Epicor BisTrack software offers a much more efficient way of doing this.”

“We can see what's going on with our entire fleet,” says Archutick. “Most branches do their own dispatch. But we have a central dispatcher for three branches in one region. And in some regions, where there are small and large branches nearby, we can move trucks around to help with overflow.”

 “The Mobile Delivery app has been a huge win for us in two ways,” says Archutick, referring to the Epicor BisTrack smartphone app that allows drivers to take photos of delivered loads, instantly link the photo to the order in the Epicor BisTrack system, and immediately flag that order as complete. “First, whereas before it might take three or four days for some branches to process delivery paperwork and invoice the order, now that time lag is at most half a day. That helps with cash flow. Second, having photos attached right to the order has been a big time-saver in settling customer disputes. The Epicor BisTrack Mobile Delivery system just works so well, and has been really very beneficial to us.”

Competitive Advantage from Business Intelligence

“The business intelligence features in Epicor BisTrack software allow us to quickly view and analyze our business metrics, and strategize how to operate amid market fluctuations,” says Archutick. “We can quickly see GMROI by product line, and it has brought attention to some stock issues - product for which we carry too much stock, have dead stock, or that simply aren't profitable.”

“We customized Epicor BisTrack dashboards for each role so that staff have the information they need to do their jobs better,” says Archutick. “We email potential issues to our branch managers. Our sales people can monitor their orders and see what's getting hung up in delivery, or which customers are past due on their balance. Our sales team lives and breathes on the dashboards.”

Technology Partner for Future Growth

The Epicor BisTrack system has also helped Consolidated Gypsum and Roofing Supply differentiate their offering to both sales channels: contractors and building center retailers. “The web portal has been very beneficial to us,” says Archutick. “The younger contractors love the ability to go online and manage their orders. It makes them more efficient. We're expanding its capabilities to give them the ability to enter orders too.”

“Furthermore, Epicor helped us implement EDI for a chain of building retailers,” says Archutick. “As far as I know, we are the only local supplier that has been able to secure business with them since they issued the EDI edict. That's been very helpful.”

“Epicor BisTrack software is an excellent product. Its adoption in our industry has been good, users are actively involved, and product development is moving fast to continue to meet our needs,” says Archutick. “The Epicor BisTrack system has been a huge win for us.”


Consolidated Gypsum and Roofing Supply Success Story

Drywall and roofing supplier, Consolidated Gypsum and Roofing Supply, recently upgraded their business management software to the Epicor BisTrack solution.

Company Facts

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Industry: Lumber and Building Materials

Specialty: Drywall, Roofing and Related Products

Number of Facilities: 6



Replace legacy system to ensure business continuity and re-introduce industry best practices

Manage the complexities of building materials distribution, such as rebate management, discount accountability, and product selection for maximum GMROI


Epicor BisTrack


Lower cost, more industry-specific solution than generic ERP options

Accurate, timely rebate management

Time savings of 50%-75% in accounts payable

Better selling price control and discount management

Centralized dispatch and inter-branch delivery coordination

Faster delivery dispute resolution

Invoicing up to 3 days earlier

Improved GMROI

Competitive differentiation

Increased sales through EDI

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