Coast Builders RONA

Coast Builders RONA is a local hardware home improvement store and building center located in a resort community in British Columbia. The town is only accessible by ferry with Coast Builders RONA offering a unique service where customers coming in can call and a store employee will pick them up at the wharf and drop them off at the store.

Russ Jones, previously a RONA corporate manager, and his wife Tess bought the store and converted it from a corporate owned store to a franchise in 2011. They immediately purchased and installed Epicor Eagle software-the clear choice for their goal to operate the entire store on a system that simplifies processes, eliminates steps, and automates critical business processes.

“We've increased market share and improved profitability, while also increasing last year's bottom line by $100,000.”

Russ Jones
Owner | Coast Builders RONA

Epicor Eagle up and running on opening day

Knowing that technology would be crucial for building a successful business, Jones worked feverishly alongside the Epicor implementation team to start on day one using the Eagle solution. “A key reason for selecting Eagle was the integration of the elegant front-end point of sale with the back-end inventory system,” says Jones. “We do all of our ordering using replacement stock orders, which allows us to have the right product at the right time, but without overstocking. We've already improved by almost a full inventory turn. Another key reason for selecting Eagle was due to the regular updates, so we'll stay current with technology. We won't be forced to pull out this system in five years like others-it's always evolving.”

Epicor solutions improve customer experience

With about half of the business coming from account sales, the ability for Coast Builders RONA customers to access their accounts online is essential. “Epicor iNet lets customers conveniently access their own invoices and statements, saving both the customer and my team countless hours,” says Jones. “We've automated POs and send customer statements via e-mail. Epicor Document Management makes it easier to run our business and easier for our customers to buy our products, and we save money on paper. Our team spends more time serving customers until closing, while our systems are automatically backed up to a secure off-site server. I don't have to worry if there's a fire or a storm overnight and I don't have to worry about backup tapes or where these tapes get left. If something goes wrong Epicor recovers our data.”

Readily available information on smartphone

Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager performs an endless array of tasks for Jones, including account management, price checks, competitive price comparisons, remote management, inventory checks, and trade show buys. “Your smartphone is like your watch, it's always with you and with Mobile Manager your store information is always available,” says Jones. “I started off buying Mobile Manager for one user and today four of us rely on it. Business is real time. Trade shows, which used to be product showcases, are now buying opportunities. It's critical to have your store information at your fingertips. The other RONA business owners attending the show are looking at new products and specials, making gut decisions about what to order. I'm drawing a little crowd around me as I'm scanning and checking inventory, while everyone else uses notepads. No question, we make better informed decisions.”

Better than a Financial Analyst

Combining the visual template reports in Epicor Eagle Performance Manager with the tailored query power of Epicor Compass, Jones controls every aspect of the business. “Whatever I need to know, I drag-and-drop the selections into Compass,” says Jones. “It's like having a financial analyst, without spending the salary. Everyday, my team meets and I share key metrics indicated in green, amber, or red-everyone sees the whole picture and knows where we need to take action. For a visual person like me, the Performance Manager sales summary report is my favorite; it's the most used screen on my desktop. At any minute I can see all the arrows and all the colors highlighting where we are for the day, month, and year.”

The results roll in

“We've increased market share and improved profitability, while also increasing last year's bottom line by $100,000,” says Jones. “We removed $150,000 in dead inventory, and improved inventory turns. The ease of ordering and tracking, our special order business, whereby the system notifies us when the order comes in, has increased from less than 5% to 15% of sales. Document Manager signature capture and electronic ordering alone saves eight hours a week. We're more efficient throughout the store and the results are rolling in.”

Company Facts

  • Location: Madeira Park, British Columbia, Canada
  • Industry: Hardware, Home Center, Lumber
  • Number of Stores: 2
  • Website:


  • Select and install a new system for existing store
  • Simplify processes, eliminate steps, automate critical business processes
  • Choose software that remains technologically current


  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor Eagle Performance Manager
  • Epicor Compass
  • Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager
  • Epicor iNet eBusiness Suite
  • Epicor Document Management
  • Epicor Secure Data Backup


  • Amplified bottom line by $100,000, reduced dead stock by $150,000
  • Improved inventory turns by one turn
  • Increased special orders from 5% to 15% of sales
  • Enhanced productivity with customer online account access

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