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Chin Hin Group is an integrated builders conglomerate with businesses in trading, manufacturing, property, hospitality, and transportation. The business was established in 1974 as a building materials trader but has since grown into a diversified portfolio of 20 companies, with an annual turnover of RM1.26 billion. From its beginnings in Alor Setar, Kedah, Chin Hin Group today has established its presence all across Malaysia.

Chin Hin has grown tremendously in the past 38 years. From a modest building materials trader, we are now a diversified multi-industry conglomerate. Our business divisions have varying needs, with different processes and business practices. We knew that, in order to grow our business further, we need a solution that can provide us with the agility and productivity to compete effectively in the global market.

Chin Yoong Nyok
Chin Hin Group

Business challenge

Chin Hin recognized the need to address these business issues in order to drive the growth of the company. With the aggressive plans they had, a solid enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution would act as the central system for their operations. After an extensive evaluation process, Chin Hin shortlisted two ERP providers and finally chose Epicor ERP for its ease of use and flexibility.

Chin Hin Group began contacting their IT solutions partner, Finsoft Systems, for advice on the best way to proceed with the automation of their business operations. With 12 years' experience working with multinational corporations (MNCs), government-linked corporations (GLCs) as well as small-medium enterprises (SMEs), Finsoft Systems is a reputable vendor of enterprise business solutions.

Prior to the implementation of Epicor ERP, Chin Hin Group's operations were conducted mostly manually. They relied on an accounting software which was disconnected, with each entity working independently. At the same time, Chin Hin Group was also growing rapidly.


Due to the varied nature of the businesses under Chin Hin Group, implementation of a single ERP solution across the entire organization required much careful planning and consideration. There are different entry points for different business units, which thus require different implementation strategies. For this reason, Chin Hin decided to implement Epicor ERP in stages, going through each individual business division, one at a time.

Chin Hin Group first deployed the Epicor ERP solution for its trading, property, and transportation business in 2011. The first implementation was for the trading business. Reporting standards, business processes and IT infrastructure setups were made common for all the trading business entities.

The latest division to be added into the ERP environment is G-Cast Concrete-the division of business specializing in the manufacture of precast concrete for buildings. With the successful implementation of the Epicor ERP solution in its trading business, Chin Hin Group began extending the solution to all of its business divisions, including the newly formed manufacturing divisions. Chin Hin Group also decided to invest further in the Epicor solution by purchasing the manufacturing modules and various other tools for reporting.


The scalability and flexibility of Epicor ERP enabled the team to specify the exact components and services needed for each implementation to cater to both its current and future needs. This greatly reduces the investment costs, without compromising the availability of key features.

Epicor ERP was also easy to deploy and manage, allowing Chin Hin Group's lean IT team to handle the entire Group's roll out from start to finish.

"We don't have a big team but we were still able to implement the ERP software across nine different offices relatively smoothly, within three months," said Ms. Seow Lee Yin, Assistant IT Manager, Chin Hin Group.

"We invested time and effort in the first roll out to ensure we have a solid foundation for our ERP solution. With the lessons learnt and with the help of Finsoft Systems, we managed to subsequently deploy ERP for our other business unit relatively quickly. For example, the latest deployment for G-Cast was completed in under two months, and well below the implementation timeframe and budget." said Ms Seow.

"Since we had developed the templates like reporting, screens, and BPM from our trading entity, we were able to quickly modify and fine tune the requirements for G-Cast. This is due to the powerful and user friendly Epicor tools like BPM, Dashboards, Service Connect, and Screen Customization. Therefore it saved us on consulting dollars as the internal IT team was able to work on some of specific amendments for G-Cast," Ms. Seow continued.

The Epicor feature-rich functionality also allowed Chin Hin Group to quickly generate the necessary reports for presentation to the management. Financial Reporting, which was previously done manually, is now being done using the Epicor financial reporting tools like Microsoft Management Reporter. In March 2013, the reporting maintenance and creation of new reporting, which was previously done by IT department, was handed over to the Finance department. This was possible because of the Epicor ERP user-friendly and intuitive reporting feature, XL Connect.

"The Finance department needs the ability to present information quickly and effectively. This used to be a complex and time-consuming process. However, with the Epicor XL Connect we can easily generate excellent reports quickly and effectively. I find this to be immensely useful," Choi Wen Chong, Finance Manager, G-Cast.

With the Epicor ERP system in place, Chin Hin Group now has better insights in their hands to make more informed business decisions that will propel its business to further growth.

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Company Facts


  • Rapidly expanding business, with varying business needs, processes, and business practices
  • Lack of integration among business entities
  • Lack of visibility to manage supply chain for better business outcomes


Why Epicor?

  • Easy scalability and flexibility, thus allowing standardized implementation across business entities
  • Rich functionality with easy and efficient report generation capabilities


  • Higher business efficiency and streamlined operations as a result of standardization and integration across business entities
  • Faster and more informed decision-making
  • Learning from each implementation made subsequent set-ups faster and cheaper

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