Chelyabinsk Shaft Construction Company

Chelyabinsk Shaft Construction Company (CHSHP) is a large construction company with customers in many regions of Russia. CHSHP specializes in the field of industrial and civil construction, providing a full range of construction services, from turnkey design through to construction projects. The company was founded in 1978 and has 30 years of experience in construction of industrial facilities in different regions of Russia. CHSHP employs 2000 people and is currently working on nuclear energy facilities (construction of the Beloyarsk Power Plant). CHSHP is a rapidly growing company that can implement the most complex and advanced projects. In addition to construction sites, CHSHP has a manufacturing sector producing steel, as well as a fleet of vehicles.

Epicor iScala provides the necessary data in order for us to make fact-based operational decisions. Monitoring the business performance at different levels helps to respond to any deviations from the process in a timely manner.

Yuri Sidorenko
Deputy Director Manufacturing, Project Manager | Chelyabinsk Shaft Construction Company

Growing business requirements

As the business continued to grow they found that their existing enterprise resource planning system could no longer catch up with the growing business challenges. Moreover, process management for construction is a rather difficult task that requires careful planning and monitoring of performance. An efficient, yet flexible solution was required to support budgeting and planning processes company processes from sales, through manufacturing, to financial settlements with customers,"says Kamil Sitarski, project manager for Sapa Aluminium.

Flexible ERP for Growing Russian Business: Reviewing and selecting Epicor ERP

The CHSHP management team decided to review and analyze a range of suitable solutions, working with the regional factories in order to select the best system that would meet the requirements of a growing enterprise.

The Epicor ERP solution was selected because of Epicor's local experience in Russia, where many successful projects have been implemented. Moreover, the choice was supported by the availability of a local experienced Epicor partner in the Urals region, Automatio Center (URTZA).

Implementation stages

The project was successfully completed in seven months and went through the following stages: two months for the analysis of business requirements, two months for the system design and report development, one month for data preparation and upload and three months for the test run. After that the system was handed over to the customer for industrial operation.

Process automation

The project resulted in automation of the following business processes:

  • Planning and accounting of project resources (labor, materials, machinery, cash flow).
  • Planning and accounting of project-based manufacturing.
  • Planning and integration of transport mechanisms for the project.
  • Financial, managerial and accounting reports.

Reporting integration

One of the key deliverables of this project was to integrate the basic Epicor ERP functionality with visual reporting tools developed by URTZA. Initially, CHSHP started using the system with 20 users, but quickly scaled up to 50 concurrent users.

Business benefits

The major task that was accomplished as a result of the project was to increase manageability of the enterprise, and implement more effective planning, budgeting and management of project activities.

"Epicor iScala provides the necessary data in order for us to make fact-based operational decisions. Monitoring the business performance at different levels helps to respond to any deviations from the process in a timely manner," said Yuri Sidorenko, Deputy Director Manufacturing for CHSHP.

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Company Facts

  • Location: Russia
  • Industry: Construction
  • Number of Locations: 1
  • Web site:


  • Automation of engineering and construction activities
  • Improve budgeting


  • Epicor iScala


  • Increased manageability of the enterprise
  • Increased reliability, transparency and reliability of business data
  • Significantly improved quality and speed of calculation for commercial proposals

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