Allweather Wood

Allweather Wood is a leading waterborne lumber pressure treater in the western United States. The company has plants in the states of Washington, Oregon, and Colorado producing residential and commercial treated wood products using a wide variety of wood species and treating processes. In addition, Allweather offers Humboldt Redwood produced by its sister company, Humboldt Redwood Company. From their treating plants and distribution center, they distribute to lumber and building materials (LBM) dealers and distributors in the western United States and South Pacific.

“We are constantly looking to improve our throughput, performance, and availability. Making this transition to LumberTrack, we have taken a large step in that direction.”

Jon Le Roi
Director of IT | Allweather Wood

Michael English, vice president of finance for Allweather Wood, was one of two key players that researched and selected Epicor LumberTrack to be the wood products software operating at four sister companies. The four companies are separate businesses with a variety of products, operating under the different business models and process needs of sawmills, treaters, direct mill sales, and wholesale distribution businesses.

Support for treating business

“We had a list of about 130 functions we needed in our ERP system, and we evaluated the performance of various vendors' products in each function,” said English. “It's a testimony to the flexibility and configurability of LumberTrack that our four separate companies are able to essentially work off the same database within a single system.”

“Epicor LumberTrack is able to perform all the functions that we need as a treater,” said English. “It has the ability to account for all aspects of our diverse treating business including vendor managed inventory and TSO. As a lumber treater, I'm very happy with it as our solution.”

“Costing is also very important,” said English. “We use LumberTrack to track the variables we need to and monitor chemical usage performance to standards. It does a great job of keeping track of that information.”

“In fact, you can design custom reports to highlight whatever critical issues or relationships you want to measure,” said English. “LumberTrack has the ability to add custom fields unique to your business, and a great report building solution to create and distribute reports in multiple formats. You really have an open canvas from which to create the reports that will help you most.”

Visibility companywide

English also appreciates that the LumberTrack product classifications are tailored to the attributes that the lumber industry uses to describe wood products. “LumberTrack uses logical classifications, characteristics and units of measure used for wood products, and that brings value to lumber companies. For us, it meant that we could build a companywide product database and really configure the system to work for all of us.”

Jon Le Roi, director of IT for all four companies, agrees: “It's a big plus to have visibility into all organizations, especially with inventory. To be able to see where product is and to move it between organizations is a key benefit, as well as having a single set of numbers from a financial standpoint.”

Productivity and tighter control

“LumberTrack has a number of features that help make our employees more productive,” said English. “You can configure your view to give you exactly what you need to see in the format that you need to see it. Whether you're entering sales or purchase orders, or viewing a list on the screen, you can use the customizable interfaces and user-defined default settings to set it up just the way you like it.”

“And the notifications and alerts are helpful so that the right people get critical information right away when the problematic transaction is occurring,” said English. “Similarly, the accounting and finance groups appreciate being able to invoke user exits to place better controls on transactions. These features help prevent errors.”

Epicor team delivers solutions

“It's not just the technology, it's the people behind it. The Epicor team and their ability to service us and to bring technology solutions to our business has been outstanding,” said English. “They are truly interested in assisting us to achieve our objectives, and they have the experience to bring solutions to the table.”

Le Roi agrees: “We are constantly looking to improve our throughput, performance, and availability. Making this transition to LumberTrack, we have taken a large step in that direction.”

Company Facts

  • Location: Washougal, Washington
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
  • Specialty: Wood Products Manufacturing, Treated Wood Products
  • Number of Locations: 5 Treating Plants, 1 Distribution Center
  • Website:


  • Operate efficient treated wood manufacturing and distribution business in cooperation with primary manufacturing sister companies


  • Epicor LumberTrack


  • Visibility into inventory at all sister companies
  • Consignment and customer-owned inventory management for TSO business
  • Accurate chemical usage and costing
  • Increased productivity
  • Better financial controls
  • Active technology partnership

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