Ace Hardware and Outdoor Center

Ace Hardware and Outdoor Center offers a wide variety of services to fit the needs of their diversified customer base. With a full line of equipment rental, party and entertainment supplies, pool and spa products, lawn mower repair services, and more, the company has flourished in Dixon, Illinois for more than 35 years.

“The Epicor Data Security Review program was simple to implement and brings major benefits to our business in terms of data security and preparing for PCI compliance-helping to bring peace of mind to us, and ultimately to our customers.”

Jennifer Kelly-Heppler
Office Manager | Ace Hardware and Outdoor Center

A thriving business partnership

An Epicor Eagle customer for nearly 10 years, Ace Hardware and Outdoor Center considers the relationship with Epicor a solid partnership that helps their business grow. “The near decade that we have been an Epicor Eagle user has been great,” said Jennifer Kelly-Heppler, office manager at Ace Hardware and Outdoor Center. “Our partnership with Epicor has enabled us to take the business to the next level-improving our inventory, giving our customers the detailed information they request, streamlining back office and front-of-store operations, and much more. Overall it has been an exceptionally beneficial use of our resources.”

Data security and protection boosts confidence

Securing personal data continues to be a top concern for both retailers and consumers. “As we strive to make business growth and improvement decisions that align with our customers' best interests, protecting their personal data is something we take very seriously,” said Kelly-Heppler. “In light of recent publicized data breaches, the security of personal information has been top of mind for many of our customers. The Epicor Data Security Review program provides the solutions to our concerns.”

For the independent retailer, a data breach could be a devastating blow to the success of a business with the potential loss of customer confidence and loyalty. “We were introduced to the Data Security Review program by our Epicor Local Platform Specialist (LPS),” said Kelly-Heppler. “With our customers and business success at the foreground, our LPS suggested this program as a proven way to help ensure we are protected and sufficiently safeguarding our customer's data in this breach-heavy market. If our customers know their data is safe, they will continue to shop our store. The Epicor Data Security Review program was simple to implement and brings major benefits to our business in terms of data security and preparing for PCI compliance-helping to bring peace of mind to us, and ultimately toour customers.”

Security now and into the future

The Epicor Data Security Review program includes a Customized PCI Wizard and 'To Do' List, in which users go through step-by-step guide to help clearly and simply track security gaps in their business that may need action. “Through the Epicor Data Security Review we were able to define our security goals and develop an action plan to get the business in the right place,” said Kelly-Heppler. “There are many steps and improvements in security that we needed to implement -such as maintaining up-to-date software and replacing a few computers-and we are now more aware of them because of this program.”

“As an independent retailer, you're trying to make sure that your business is growing, and there are so many things to think about throughout the day-taking care of your customers, worrying about inventory levels, and staff management,” said Kelly-Heppler. “So many retailers don't always have the time to be certain that everything with regard to security is taken care of. The Epicor Data Security Review, particularly the security action items list, is of great value and provides crucial assistance ensuring we are securely moving forward. And you know with Epicor, this process is being done right.”

“Our ultimate goal is to be assured that we provide our customers with the safest shopping environment for their data,” said Kelly-Heppler. “With Epicor we can get there.”

Company Facts

  • Location: Dixon, Illinois
  • Industry: Hardware, Home Centers, Lawn and Garden
  • Number of Employees: 35
  • Web site:
  • Co-op: Ace


  • Continually safeguarding business and customer data
  • Maintaining up-to-date software and hardware
  • Ensuring PCI compliance


  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor Data Security Review
  • Security goals defined and action plan developed


  • Improved data management and protection
  • Information and tools provided to maintain PCI compliance
  • Secure data boosts customer loyalty and confidence

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