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Present Group

“The resource sector expansion has provided opportunities for Present Group that has resulted in explosive growth. As our business developed, so too has the requirement for a robust ERP solution.”
Peter Midgley, CXO | Present Group


Symmetry Medical Malaysia

"Epicor covers all the areas and I believe working with up-to-date live information is how our employees can work successfully with each other."
Ms Chooi Yin Yu, IT Manager | Symmetry Medical Malaysia


National Importers

"With Epicor ERP and RockySoft, we achieved our goal of reducing inventory levels while maintaining high service levels-we have achieved service levels over 99 percent, with 45 percent less inventory."
Ken Askew, Vice President, Technology | National Importers


CRS Electronics

"As we prepare to take a giant step forward marketing two new brands, each sold through different sales channel partners, promoted by separate regional sales management teams, and serviced via brand-specific inside sales coordinators; this ambitious upgrade is critical to providing industry-leading service. Six S Partners and the next-generation Epicor ERP solution are the perfect solution to meet our needs."
Travis Jones, President and CEO | CRS Electronics



"Our operating departments used to work in silos resulting in lots of duplication and errors. After implementing Epicor ERP, we are well integrated on real time. Data only needs to be keyed in one instance and the financial accounting operations has been speed up ever since."
Mr. Cao Tan Tuoc, Vice General Director/Admin and Finance Director | Pharmedic


Fluid-Bag Oy

"We would not have been able to execute our future growth plans utilising the old system. Epicor has supplied us with a modern and functional tool, which enables us to confidently grow our business. We can now concentrate on doing what we do best."
Jan Backman, Chief Executive Officer | Fluid-Bag