See How Epicor is Helping its Customers Grow

A.C. Brothers

Epicor ERP provides us with an easy-to-use, single dashboard with visibility of various data points in the company. There's so much valuable information that comes back from the machines on the shop floor that used to be wasted. Now, the management team can review it to make better business decisions.

Gaurav Chandra | Managing Director  | A.C. Brothers


Rexam Corporation

"Before the mold opens Epicor Advanced MES (Mattec) tells us whether the product is good or bad. That translates into a better product for our customer, because we're actually building in the quality rather than inspecting it."
Mitch Stein, Plant Manager | Rexam Corporation



The Epicor ERP system helps us integrate business acquisitions effectively. It has reduced the time it takes to transition acquired businesses in terms of configuration, implementation, and training. We can get a newly acquired business integrated at group level and ensure it is up and running in 30-45 days.”
Patel, CIO | Aimtron


Hallmark Building Supplie Inc

"We need to leverage new technology to support greater efficiency, responsiveness, and customer service. Epicor ERP has helped us do all this and more."

Todd Lienke | Vice President of Technology | Hallmark Building Supplies, Inc.


Government of Tanzania

"Epicor ERP offers the best accounting financial management and reporting solution. It enables us to offer our customers excellent service with improved efficiency through the automation of processes."

Adam Mshangana, Head | Technical Support Accountant General of Tanzania



Epicor Helps Allspeeds Transform From a Traditional Manufacturer Into a Modern, Growing Business


American Packaging

"We’ve found that Prophet 21 gives you back 150 percent of what you put in, so it truly pays to know all of its capabilities—our business is better for it."
Howard Edelman, Vice President of Marketing | American Packaging


Diamond Paper Company

"Epicor understands what we do and has really helped me drive my business in the right direction."
Charles Kurzweg, President | Diamond Paper Company


Northwest distributor partners with Epicor to increase accuracy and efficiency

"Knowing that technology would be crucial to the development of our business, we made a decision a long time ago to have a really capable technology partner. We always wanted to be ahead of the pack.”
John Wiborg, President | Stellar Industrial Supply


Hodges Supply Customer Success Story

"Thanks to Prophet 21’s quick item lookup capabilities, comprehensive pricing functionality, and one-stroke quote-to-order feature, sales that once took entire mornings to process now take minutes.”
Greg Brown, Vice President | Hodges Supply


New England Electrical Distributor Increases Margins and Improves Pricing With Epicor

"At Granite City Electric, we consider ourselves to be pretty innovative, but at the end of the day, if we could get every electrical distributor on this software, all of us would be more profitable.”
Gregory Smith, Vice President of Marketing | Granite City Electric Supply Company


Productivity and Growth with Epicor Eclipse

"Eclipse is a dominant solution in our industry… Epicor has a good roadmap; they are executing on the plan, and the features I see coming soon have real value to us….Epicor is feeding us changes to Eclipse even faster than we can implement them."
Rich Chadwick, Director of Organizational Improvement | United Electric Supply