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Introduce Visual Selling with Brains

Our CPQ solution digitally transforms selling for companies, going beyond just allowing users to play with interactive versions of your products. Every buying audience can easily configure products visually, in 2D, 3D, or Augmented Reality.

Get the confidence of knowing each order will be accurate, error-free, and profitable because every configuration follows your defined business and manufacturing rules.

Eliminate Manufacturing Bottlenecks and Mistakes

Automatically generate CAD drawings and files, bills of materials, assembly instructions, parts lists, product renderings, and more—all without any input from engineering.

Our workflows send these powerful outputs to downstream systems and teams are fed by the original product configuration done by the sales rep, distributor, or end-customer.

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Sell Larger Deals Simply with Guided Selling

Walk your sales reps, partners, and customers through a series of calibrated questions designed to find the perfect product fit. Triggers and prompts encourage buyers with upsell and cross-sell opportunities, resulting in bigger deal sizes that close fast. Embed it directly in your website and integrate it with your eCommerce platform for slick, automated B2B and B2B2C selling.


Works with any ERP system. Optimized for:  KineticProphet 21BisTrack

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