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Epicor Payment Exchange

Save money and time with simpler payment processing.

Cut Processing Costs

Epicor Payment Exchange handles credit card authorization, settlement, and reporting for thousands of retailers and distributors. With billions of dollars in card payments under management annually, we can pass big volume savings onto our customers.

  • Pay low monthly fees regardless of your transaction volume
  • Predict your monthly costs with no surprise charges
  • Steer customers toward lower-cost PIN transactions
  • Add more of every sale to your bottom line

Offer More Ways to Pay

Offer flexible payment options in your store and on your eCommerce website.

  • Accept Visa, Mastercard, and all other major credit and debit cards
  • Take Apple Pay and other mobile payments
  • Use your own custom gift cards
  • Apply multiple payment types in a single transaction

Safeguard Your Data

Epicor Payment Exchange is tightly integrated with Propello and Epicor Eagle, keeping customer data secure from swipe to settlement. The system never stores unencrypted cardholder information so you can simplify PCI compliance and worry less about data falling into the wrong hands.

Refund in a Few Clicks

Delight your customers by eliminating return hassles

Process refunds to the original payment method in just a few clicks. Hassle-free refunds will keep your customers coming back and swiping with confidence.

View Reports Anywhere

Find financial reports or reconcile transactions against daily deposits—any time, anywhere, and on any device. Search by date, date range, card number, or amount to locate transactions quickly and spend more time serving customers.

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