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Epicor Prophet 21

Purpose-built to drive growth, modernize workflows, and build deep customer connections.

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Inventory & Supply Chain

Scale and grow with complete visibility

It takes solid data and meaningful insights to make decisions that fuel momentum. Epicor Prophet 21 gives you a full range of inventory and supply chain management features, for visibility to improve speed and responsiveness.

  • Multiple dynamic inventory replenishment methods
  • Advanced demand forecasting
  • Customer buying trends analyzer with alerts
  • EDI/Electronic supplier update and mass loads
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Sales Management

Modernize your  sales approach

Streamline your quote-to-cash cycle, improve margins, and fulfill orders flawlessly. Give your team the power to close sales at the counter or on mobile devices and tablets. And increase margins with strategic pricing based on market data and your sales history.

  • Manage pipeline with salesforce automation
  • Seamlessly integrate B2B eCommerce
  • Process credit cards and other electronic payments
  • Simplify quote and order management
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Value-Added Services

Add value to your customer relationships

You don’t just move products. You create value. Epicor Prophet 21 has what you need to manage your value-added services and make sure they remain profitable.

  • Track assemblies and production orders from kitting and assembly to secondary processing and full production
  • Track service orders, service contracts and maintenance with integrated service and maintenance tools
  • Help your customers stay on top of their stock with vendor-managed inventory

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Service and Maintenance 


Give B2B buyers a B2C experience 

Your website should work as hard as you do. Epicor Commerce for Epicor Prophet 21 combines the best practices of distribution with the best practices of online business—so you can create the experience customers demand. And an online presence that outperforms the competition.

  • Reach new customers where they are, the way they prefer
  • Increase sales and grow customer accounts
  • Shorten sales cycles
Epicor Commerce
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Customer Experience

Fine-tune your customer focus

Epicor Prophet 21 helps you understand your buyers. Use dashboards and tools to exceed your customers' expectations and earn their loyalty.

  • Create a unified experience online, at the counter, and in the field
  • Manage inventory at your customers’ locations to increase loyalty
  • Identify and retain at-risk customers
  • Set prices that balance margins with customer satisfaction
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Warehouse Management

Automate for efficiency and accuracy

Picking. Receiving. Cross-docking. Put-away. There’s a lot going on in your warehouse, and Epicor Prophet 21 streamlines processes to improve accuracy as well as customer service. Real-time cycle counting and inventory interactions are just the beginning.

  • Label printing and bar coding
  • Bin replenishment
  • Flexible device options
  • Tagging/license plating
  • Integration with your automated machinery
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Finance & Accounting

Track and manage finances with clarity

Stay on top of your financial situation with real-time access to your general ledger—and the flexibility to do business the way you prefer. Pay invoices on time and simplify procure-to-pay with Epicor Enterprise Content Management (ECM) AP Automation. Epicor Prophet 21 makes it easier.

  • Simplify vendor setup and management
  • Track outstanding invoices and set alerts for days and balance levels
  • Simplify taxes and compliance

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Business Intelligence

Take decisive action with clear data 

What’s driving your profits? What’s the clearest path to new growth? Epicor Prophet 21 brings critical business data into operational reports and dashboards you can actually work with—and act on.

  • Robust reporting for insight and visibility into your business and ERP data
  • Deep, actionable business intelligence specifically for distribution decisions
Business Intelligence
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More for Distributors

Integrate every aspect of your business

Get seamless integration with dozens of Epicor solutions, and use the RESTful API to integrate with your other critical business applications.

  • Add equipment rental to your revenue stream 
  • Help cross-functional teams capture, organize, and store important documentation 
  • Maximize delivery resources

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Technology For Growth

One-size-fits-all software can be a drag on business. We built Prophet 21 to help distributors scale and grow without compromise.


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