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Eclipse Release 2022.2

Explore the Latest Version Release for Eclipse

Each semi-annual release will help you stay up to date with the latest technology and compete in today’s competitive marketplace.

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Bid Follow-Up

Bid Follow-up enhancements automatically remind you to enter bid information before you close the sales window, saving you time. Set the Eclipse system to prompt you to enter information to follow up on a bid. Previously, users had to manually navigate to the bid follow-up window to enter information. With the system set to automatically remind you to enter the bid information before you close the sales window, you ensure accurate follow-up data and save data entry steps. Queue changes make bid follow-up easier and further the CRM functionality.

Vendor Volume Rebate Reconciliation

Vendor Volume Rebate Reconciliation delivers greater connectivity and visibility by providing you a way to create complex rebate programs, easily see status updates, and track payments. The Vendor Volume Rebate Reconciliation queue provides you with transactions and programs to match them to, enabling you to reconcile amounts.

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Help Documentation

Epicor Learning delivers an exciting and improved functionality to the Eclipse help system. With the new help system, users are introduced to a clean, modern design that is visually easy to read. Users get a fast response with help loading and topics displaying with lightning speed. Using the search provides quick results that direct you to topics that are targeted to your query. The new Help Documentation allows users to get the answers you need faster, saving you time in accomplishing your tasks.

Sales Order Entry Panel Customization

In this enhanced version of the Sales Order Information Panel, users have more information available. Arrange the panel information and define the type of information you want to see. Users can also create panel templates that others can use creating a more efficient experience by customizing and arranging information needed at the time of a sale.

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