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With nearly 50 years of industry experience, we apply a deep understanding to our ERP software for building materials suppliers and distributors and metal service centers.

#1 Software for Building Supply

Nearly 60% of the ProSales Top 100 Dealers drive profits and simplify operations with Epicor.

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Analytics & Reporting

Take Decisive Action with Real-Time Data

Access critical business data through operational reports and dashboards so you can make proactive decisions and create a clear path for growth.

  • Make bold moves with actionable business data specifically for LBM decisions
  • Resolve issues before they become problems
  • Keep employees focused and proactive with role-specific dashboards and time-critical information
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Give B2B Buyers a B2C Experience

B2B customers expect a streamlined, mobile eCommerce experience. Give them a secure online environment with the convenience of 24/7 access.

  • Get fast access to open orders, order history, payment history and shipping/delivery information
  • Integrate the online store with your co-op or buying group
  • Use dynamic pricing to display retail or negotiated pricing for customer segments


Mobilize Teams for Maximum Service

Connect employees, builders and contractors so they can be more effective and responsive—wherever and whenever work gets done.

  • Shorten the sales cycle and increase productivity
  • Integrate KPI dashboards for managers and business owners
  • Eliminate errors and save time associated with manual entry of cycle counts
  • Provide contractors 24/7 access to view quotes, order product and manage billings
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Inventory & Warehouse

Unprecedented Accuracy and Productivity

This is modern warehouse management for LBM—delivering centralized, multi-location visibility into stock levels, sales histories, buying habits, and improved accuracy and productivity throughout your warehouse.

  • Improve inventory accuracy to 95%+
  • Increase productivity by 20-30%
  • Reduce shipping errors by 90%
  • Eliminate the need for physical inventory counts
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Delivery & Dispatch

Dispatch and Delivery Done Right Every Time

With its centralized delivery dispatch system, Epicor BisTrack helps you boost customer satisfaction through deliveries done right, every time.

  • Optimize and improve delivery schedules, driver productivity, truck utilization and route planning
  • Capture proof of delivery and manage metrics and reporting
  • Collect payment sooner with automated delivery notifications
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Value-Added Services

Keep Customers and Partners Coming Back

Automate and manage value-added services like installed sales, millwork and manufacturing to keep them profitable and ease the burden on builders and contractors.

  • Reduce department silos using real-time data to optimize manufacturing schedules and track costs for materials and labor
  • Simplify tracking and control pricing by creating kits for components, products and processes
  • Seamlessly connect sales orders and work orders, so sales reps and dispatchers can view the big picture and control margins
  • Manage an entire construction project efficiently—from placing the order and delivering products to billing customers on negotiated schedules
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Customer Management

Track Customer Habits to Drive Profits

The more you know about your customers, the better you can respond to and meet their needs. BisTrack helps you:

  • Connect sales, marketing, dispatch and accounting staff to centralized customer data
  • Become a more customer-focused business and improve customer profitability with strategies based on hard data
  • Serve professional customers with an online contractor portal
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Sales Management

Meet Customer Needs Anytime, Anywhere

BisTrack empowers your sales team to meet and respond to customers where they do business by providing quick product information, quotes, ordering, payment and more.

  • Convert more quotes to sales
  • Simplify quote and order management
  • Inspire higher sales performance with sales pipelines, quotas, margins and conversion rates on dashboards
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Financial Management

Make It Easier To Do More With Less

Accounting tasks just got easier to perform, more accurate, and more worthwhile—because BisTrack synchronizes operations and financial data in real time.

  • Consolidate financial data of multiple branches or entities to better compare metrics and overall business performance
  • Track outstanding invoices and set alerts for days and balance levels
  • Improve vendor relationships with automated invoice processing


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Technology For Growth

One-size-fits-all software can be a drag on business. We built Epicor BisTrack Global to help LBM businesses and metal service centers scale and grow without compromise.

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