Government Project Management Software

Organizations in the public sector face a higher level of scrutiny and accountability to “the people.” Their challenge is to deliver services to a diverse constituency, reduce financial waste, and avoid building unresponsive bureaucracies.

Epicor® for Government and Education provides a solid foundation upon which public sector organizations can build sound and efficient processes for budgeting, accounting, spending, and reporting. A very strong general ledger and equally capable sub-ledgers are at the core of the solution. These are complemented by additional modules that help streamline processes, including allocations, purchasing, budgeting, workflow, and document management.

Equally important to public sector organizations is the initial and ongoing costs of information systems. Epicor solutions deliver high levels of flexibility and automation with lower costs for implementation and operations than other comparable solutions.

Government Project Management Software

National governments and smaller government agencies face unique challenges in fiscal management, from political pressure to legislative constraints and regulatory mandates, as well as a diversity of agency specific requirements. Epicor government project management software provides the flexibility to meet agency and national level management while retaining strict control over budgets and costs.

Student Information Management Software

Educational institutions must also find ways to serve their students and faculty with fiduciary finesse, balancing strict controls with maintaining a culture of creativity, discovery, and innovation. Epicor for Government and Education provides clear and auditable controls and a collaborative environment for supporting educational reforms and breakthroughs in the sciences and other fields. Epicor student information management software provides a solid platform upon which educational institutions can create efficient processes so that may better fulfill their educational missions.

ERP Software for Universities

ERP Software for universities and Student information management software provide universities, colleges, and educational institutions the enterprise-level solution needed to manage operations and increase efficiencies.

For managing expenditures, Epicor ERP for universities provides a unique solution that tracks commitments from multiple sources against approved budgets to provide a true picture of spending to requisitioners and approvers while they are making purchasing decisions. That level of transparency and immediacy is critical to staying on budget.

From agencies in Tanzania, Africa to the city of Saskatoon, Canada and educational organizations from elementary through post-doctorate programs, Epicor for Government and Education is behind the scenes enabling cost-effective management that allows more funds to flow where they are needed.