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For independent retailers, Epicor offers the most comprehensive, scalable, and proven POS and retail business management solutions on the market, backed by over 45 years of retail and technology experience and the industry’s largest support network. Retailers in over 10,500 locations―including the nation’s largest cooperative group of independent owners― choose Epicor to help grow their business by increasing revenue, profits, operational efficiencies, and customer retention.

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Manage and Grow your Margins with Epicor Eagle N Series

Retail Management Software from Epicor

Epicor Retail Cloud

With this cloud-based POS and retail management solution, specialty retailers can simplify operations and grow revenue—without all the IT hassles.

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Automotive Aftermarket Solutions

Aftermarket retailers can access nearly 11 million parts from more than 1,500 suppliers. Epicor catalog solutions help thousands of parts distributors and service locations stay competitive.

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Epicor Eagle N Series

Thousands of small and midsize retailers rely on Eagle to boost efficiency, revenue, and profits. To make it easier, this end-to-end retail management system has your industry best practices built in.

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Retail Management Resources

Learn how you can go beyond KPIs to learn not just how you’re doing, but also how you could be doing better.

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Discover the most effective KPIs to help transform your business

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Explore how mobile access helps retailers provide the best service—smarter, faster, and leaner.

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Learn how you can simplify margin maintenance to grow faster, build loyalty, and maximize profits.

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Success Stories

"Epicor has helped us keep the playing field level with some of the big-box competition. We are able to be more successful when we utilize the system properly, especially when it comes to controlling inventory and having accurate information, which also ties into growth."

Linda Roark,

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"This year, we had three of our biggest days in sales ever. I attribute a large part of that success to the Epicor Eagle system and the Planner Series solutions."
Jessica Bettencourt,


"The Epicor reports and viewers give you the ability to filter, sort, and look at data the way you want it. Now, we understand more of what's selling."

David Weisman,
Chief Financial Officer


“We didn’t want a point of sale system that we would outgrow in 10 to 12 months. We needed something that would grow with us—or that we could grow into.”

Todd Lockburner,
Co-Owner and General Manager

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“I'm able to make smarter buying and pricing choices that fine-tune margins. Eagle gives me peace of mind, and that's invaluable.”

Mindy Baker,
Store Manager

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Discover how moving from ECi RockSolid POS to Epicor Eagle N Series software improved business management for Alamo Ace Hardware and Garden Center.


Real Business Impact

Half of our customers say they invested in Epicor Eagle retail management software for better data to make better decisions.

Source: TechValidate

True Value Home Center reduced inventory investment by 25% or more after implementing Epicor Eagle.

Source: TechValidate

7 Ways Your POS System Can Help You Grow

Learn how the right retail management software 
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