As a plumbing distributor, you face unique challenges each day. Before dawn, your front counter might flood with contractors who need PVC pipe or copper tubing for the day’s jobs. By mid-day, your salespeople are busy helping DIY homeowners find the right bathroom fixtures. Finally, as your warehouse staff prepare the day’s final shipments, you may need to quote a new lot price to a contractor with a sudden spec change. To help your complex business thrive, Epicor offers software solutions to:

  • Expedite front counter orders
  • Manage kits and assemblies
  • Handle comprehensive customer pricing
  • Optimize inventory and increase turns

Success Stories

"In the first year after implementation, we increased sales by 12 percent. In addition, since going live, I firmly believe Eclipse has improved our overall productivity by 80 percent.”

Veronica Guillen-Simon
Vice President

Hear Their Story

“Eclipse immediately handled our business right out of the box. We now have one system that works equally well for everyone and is poised to seamlessly blend new acquisitions and stores with our existing companies.”

Christine Tine

Hear Their Story

“Thanks to Prophet 21’s quick item lookup capabilities, comprehensive pricing functionality, and one-stroke quote-to-order feature, sales that once took entire mornings to process now take minutes.”

Greg Brown
Vice President