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Metal service centers that want to thrive must outperform their competitors—in quality, responsiveness, and pricing—but they also need to find ways to stand out. Leveraging more than 40 years of experience, Epicor BisTrack ERP solution will help you reach those goals.

  • Better forecast, manage and track inventory with multiple attributes for “just-in-time” service and to decrease waste
  • Ensure visibility at every step, linking customer specs to orders, including trace material, all the way through to delivery
  • Ensure real-time production status at any phase on the shop floor to meet multi-stage order deadlines
  • Accurately track expected cost and gross margins job by job, disposition scrap and remnants so sales reps can use them in new quotes
  • Reduce costing and pricing complexities, ensuring you purchase the right amount of materials at the right time

Epicor Solutions for Metal Service Centers


Metal service centers can reduce complexities, optimize processes, ensure accurate forecasting and inventory on-hand, reduce silos, and achieve growth with this easy-to-use ERP system.

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Why do customers invest in BisTrack?

Get better data to make better decisions


Source: TechValidate

Increasing gross margins

100% of surveyed customers increased gross margins by up to 4 points or more with Epicor BisTrack.

Source: TechValidate