Epicor Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Whether you’re a parts supplier, wholesaler, retailer, or vehicle service provider, Epicor offers software, eCatalog/content, data analytics, and B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions to maximize sales, efficiency, and flexibility so you can keep pace with the global automotive and commercial vehicle markets.

Epicor automotive and commercial vehicle solutions help you:

  • Increase sales and margins
  • Make smarter, faster business decisions
  • Comply with customer requirements

Epicor Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Eagle for the Aftermarket

This business management solution helps auto parts distributors, retailers, and job shops improve service, sales, and margins with tools designed for the aftermarket.

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Epicor CMS

Automotive Parts Manufacturers can improve efficiency and profitability with this ERP system that supports the industry’s unique compliance, supply chain, and process requirements.

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Epicor Vision

Vision empowers automotive aftermarket distributors by connecting systems and streamlining operations.

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Vista Information Services

Vista Information Services offers data to help you pinpoint issues, analyze your performance versus competitors, and capitalize on growth opportunities.

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Success Stories

"I’m seeing people who were hesitant to try new things before but who are now excited by what they’ve learned they can do with Vision software. How can you put a value on that?"

Gary Davis,Vice President

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"In my opinion, inventory accuracy is king, the building block of everything. If you don't have accurate inventory then you don't have anything. Epicor CMS is our foundation."

Andy Hrasky
Assistant General Manager

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"We’re able to get more for our products than we probably would otherwise, because we’re able to manage pricing controls, stay on top of supplier pricing, and respond to it quicker."

Ross Bradshaw,President

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