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Point of Sale

Ingenico ISC250

The iSC 250 has been the workhorse solution for POS transactions including PIN, magnetic strip, EMV and contactless transactions. This device is going EOSL in Q3 2020 and will be phased out in favor of the Lane 7000 and 5000 series devices.

ISC250 Data Sheet

Lane 7000 with stand
Lane 5000; Lane 7000

The Lane 5000 and 7000 offer the functionality and durability of the iSC 250 at a lower price, PCI 5 compliant, faster processing and updated easy-to-use features like NFC mobile wallet and alternate payment methods. Use cases to look for: customers who have multi-lane POS, do not need mobile check-out, need to accommodate alternative payment methods and value fast check-outs.

Lane Series Data Sheets
Dell XE 3 PC
i3, i5, i7 CPU options available

Extended-life version of the Dell 3070. Good fit for customers who want to have the same look across store/stores. Choice for those who want VGA and serial connections.

Dell XE3 Data Sheet
Dell 3070 PC
3070 Micro PC; 3070 Small Form Factor

Customers looking for a small footprint in a reasonably priced, Windows 10 OS with solid processing power. Latest Intel gen 9 chip sets.

Dell 3070 Data Sheet
Dell 19" and 22" models available
Planner touchscreen monitor
Zebra Barcode Scanners for POS
Zebra DS 8178 2D rugged barcode scanner

Customers needing a rugged, cordless barcode scanner in more demanding conditions.

Zebra DS8100 Series Data Sheet
Zebra DS 2278 2D wireless barcode scanner

Customers with less demanding enviroments who need cordless barcode scanning.

Zebra DS2200 Series Data Sheet
Zebra DS 2208 2D tethered barcode scanner

Customers who do not need the mobility of a cordless barcode scanner or longer range scanning are a good fit for this affordable, general purpose barcode scanner. Suited to non-mobile checkout lanes.

DigitalPersona 900-11110 Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint scanners allow employees to quickly log in and out of POS devices enabling merchants to better track transaction with more accurate audit trails. Look for customers with a lot of employees on registers, multi-lane checkouts and a need to keep lines moving.

HID Digital Persona Data Sheet

Mobile POS

Zebra ZQ-620 thermal label printer

Customers who need to print reciepts or print lables on-the-go are a good fit for this small Wi-Fi and selected bluetooth enabled thermal printer.

Zebra ZQ600 Series Data Sheet
Ingenico ISMP4 Ingenico scanner

Powerful, handheld mobile barcode scanner and POS device all-in-one lightweight unit. Customers who need to scan items and checkout customer on-the-go are a good fit for this device. Compatible with Windows and Android.

Ingenico iSMP 4 Data Sheet
Zebra XPLORE tablet with rugged frame and stand

Customers in dirty, harsh and outdoor enviroments that need the convenience of having a mobile tablet-based computer are a good fit for the Xplore tablet. The tablet has a docking station for the iSMP4 mobile scanner/POS devices allowing employees even more mobililty and convenience.

Zebra Rugged Tablet Data Sheet
Epson TM-P20 printer and paper
Small, light POS mobile reciept printer for printing on-the-go. Epson TM-P20 Series Data Sheet
Epson Thermal Printer H-6000V
Stationary reciept printer. Epson TM-H6000V Series Data Sheet
Zebra Mobile Touch Computers
TC 51, TC56 mobile touch computer
Customers who need a light, powerful mobile computer with reliable scanning capabilties are a good fit. Customers looking to customize and run Android-based apps are an especially good fit. The TC51 is a Wi-Fi only device. The TC56 offers cellular data and serves as a fully functional mobile smart phone. For customers who need to go outside of Wi-Fi coverage. Zebra TC51 and TC56 Data Sheet


Dell PowerEdge Servers
T140; T340; T640
Please refer here for detailed server information. Dell PowerEdge Server Data Sheet

Supply Chain Execution

Rugged Tablet Computers
Honeywell EDA71 Tablet

Please refer here for a detailed product comparitor.

Honeywell EDA71 Data Sheet
Zebra ET51/56 Series (Windows and Android Tablets)
Zebra ET 51/ET56 Windows Tablet Data Sheet
Zebra ET51/ET56 Android Tablet Data Sheet
Mobile Computers
Honeywell CT40

Please refer here for a detailed product comparitor.

Honeywell CT40 Data Sheet
Honeywell CT60
Honeywell CT60 Data Sheet
Honeywell CK65
Honeywell CK65 Data Sheet
Honeywell CN80
Honeywell CN80 Data Sheet
Zebra ZQ620 Mobile Printer
Please refer here for a detailed product comparitor. Zebra ZQ600 Series Data Sheet
Zebra ZQ630 Mobile Printer
Zebra ZD620 Desktop Printer
Zebra ZD620 Data Sheet
Zebra TZ 400 Series
Zebra TZ400 Series Data Sheet
Zebra TZ 200 Series
Zebra ZT200 Series Data Sheet

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