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What is Executive View?

Epicor Executive View is a must-attend event for distribution executives in various industrial supply and construction-oriented industries. Executive View helps business owners and executives learn how to plan and adapt to the intense pace of change and grow their business, greatly enhance productivity, and stand out from their competition.

You don't want to miss this fun, informative, free event.

Over a day and half, sessions provide deep industry knowledge and showcase feature-rich product functionality on topics critical to distributors. Distribution executives are given the opportunity to network and share best practices. And unique evening events provide ample time to have some fun, network, and enjoy the area.

The event will cover how Epicor is helping thousands of distributors improve critical business processes – and driving growth in ways other systems cannot – through discussions and demonstrations including:

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • eCommerce
  • Cloud
  • Inventory management
  • CRM
  • Pricing management
  • Advanced forecasting
  • Production orders
  • Job management
  • And much more…

The goal of Executive View is for you is to walk away insight on the industry, best practices from your peers, and a full view of how Epicor is the only business software provider that can truly provide a true distribution-specific platform, built on more than 50 years of experience in wholesale distribution.

Whether you are currently evaluating an Epicor solution or haven't started the process, this event is for you. Epicor will cover your event registration, on premise meals, evening entertainment, and hotel stay for you and one other executive from your company.

Upcoming Executive Views

Executive View is an ongoing program. See if you qualify to attend! Fill out your information and we will be in touch with a few questions to confirm your registration.

PLEASE NOTE: Epicor Executive View is not currently open to current Epicor customers - but you can learn more about our customer events below:

Austin, TX—February 22–23, 2018

Nashville, TN—May 22-23, 2018

Chicago, IL—August, 2018

Already an Epicor User? Learn more about Epicor Customer Events

Here’s what past attendees had to say about Epicor Executive View:

“ Epicor Executive View was an awesome couple of days. I came expecting a sales pitch. I left being wowed by Epicor stressing the fact of being a business partner. The people were passionate about their jobs, the company, and their products! A lot of good stuff packed into a fairly short time span. As we continue to get deeper into our evaluation of ERP systems for distribution, Epicor will stay in my memory as a real player.”

Erich Grotti, Corporate Controller
S&S Worldwide

“ The Executive View event was one of the best resources we had for making an informed decision on our ERP choice. While the speakers and their content was meaningful, the real value was in interacting with people from other companies in our industry, discussing approaches to common problems, and time with live systems. The event gave us a clear picture of who Epicor was, where they were heading, and what their customer base was interested in.”

Jim Kaas, President,
Iowa Fluid Power

“ Deciding on implementing a new ERP system in our distribution business was a very large and difficult decision. We knew this decision would involve a considerable capital investment, much time and effort, and change the way we do business. By attending Epicor Executive View, it gave us the information we needed to make the right decision. The opportunity to talk first hand with a company like ours that is running Epicor and ask them face-to-face about their experiences was priceless. We recommend this first-class event to any distributor considering Epicor.”

Richard Mallett, President,
IRP Rubber

“ My company had been looking for a new computer system for over 2 years. We had received a demo on the Epicor system a year prior, however by attending the Epicor Executive View it made it clear that it was the correct choice for us. It provided us with the time and environment to network with other companies and understand how the system could adapt to meet our needs. The entire time we were treated extremely well and enjoyed building relationships in the process. This is a great opportunity to learn about this technology and how you can apply it in your business.”

Dawn L. Metcalf, President,
Midway Dental Supply, Inc.