Epicor Eclipse 9.1.0.

Latest Release

Learn what's new in the latest release of Epicor Eclipse.

Staying current with technology helps ensure your organization is competitive. Adopting the latest compliance and security updates can also help you reduce risks. Epicor Eclipse plans for new releases every 6 months. That means there may be new capabilities for users twice a year. We are excited to show you what's new in the latest release of Epicor Eclipse.

Manage your inventory during unforeseen circumstances

There are times when changes to your supply chain need to be made quickly.   Whether it is a natural disaster, major market changes or even a hiccup from one of your suppliers, you may need to make changes to the way you offer and ship products to ensure that you can continue to offer all of your customers the service they have come to expect.  In this release, we have included several tools to help you better manage your inventory during unique circumstances.

API Enhancements

Business today is fast-paced, highly competitive, and more demanding than ever before. In order to remain competitive, distributors need tools to extend their ERP systems to their exact business processes. Epicor Eclipse solution offers a powerful API that allows distributors to connect to the systems that make their business unique and help differentiate themselves from other distributors.

In Release 9.1.0, Eclipse continues to expand the functionality of the APIs, including updates to the Premium Warehouse API.

WMS Picking App Updates

The recently released Android WMS Picking includes new features to increase efficiency by ensuring that the proper item is being picked.  The WMS Picking app is now available for download on the Google Play Store. 

Customer Voted Enhancements

We value our customers' input and work closely with them to ensure our product continues to reflect their modern-day businesses. 

Technology Stack Enhancements

The Eclipse 9.1.0 release will see various updates to the technology stack, as we will now be deploying Eclipse Solar with OpenJDK and OpenJFX. With Oracle’s decision to license future versions of Java SE, Solar Eclipse is being ported to the open-source version of Java, known as OpenJDK. This move will also allow us to keep our security risks low.

Epicor University

Whether you are new to Eclipse, upgrading to the latest release, or looking to take better advantage of all the features it offers, Epicor University (EU) has the comprehensive training tools and resources you need. We provide tools such as Training on Demand, Knowledge on Demand, and Online help that assist you in educating and retaining employees and provides career development.  We provide tools to create an entire training program and make it easy for you to onboard new employees.

Every day, more than 100,000 people use Epicor Distribution solutions at work. In fact, in the distribution industries we serve, more than half of all businesses run on Epicor software. We designed Prophet 21 and Eclipse to meet the complex challenges of distribution. Our technology can help you weather the shifting demands of today and adapt to market forces of the future.