Mobile POS

Mobile Point of Sale

Mobile POS lets businesses bring the cash register to on-account customers, whether they are shopping a sidewalk sale, browsing the garden center, or shopping in some remote location. It’s also great for “line busting”—ringing up customers while they wait in line to speed up the experience for everyone. Mobile point of sale from Epicor Eagle can help take your retail business to the next level.

Mobile Inventory Software

Do you have employees running in circles doing price checks, inventory checks, and receiving? Rather than run between a workstation, store aisles, checkout counter, loading dock, and storage room, you and they would prefer to spend time helping customers and building a loyal customer base. Eagle mobile inventory software is an easy-to-use graphical interface for inventory management, receiving and physical inventory. Its main applications are Inventory Management, Location Management, Receiving by PO, Receiving by Item, Item Lists, Label Printing, and Physical Inventory.

Mobile Price Checker

This hardware and software combination provides a state-of-the-art mobile price checker terminal that can easily be mounted in your store to provide customers and employees the convenience of scanning an item and checking the price. 

iNET Order Entry

No more sending your outside sales reps out with a heavy laptop or clipboard so they can place orders later. With iNet order entry mobile POS, salespeople can use a tablet or even a smartphone to pull up a customer’s account, access a list of items and quantities usually ordered by the customer, and create a transaction that can be saved as an order or invoiced right on the spot!

Mobile Manager for Smartphones and Tablets

Eagle Mobile Manager is a powerful application for smartphones and tablets, ready to show you what’s happening in your business and deliver answers you need right away. When you need to know how an item is priced or how much stock you have, or what a customer’s credit limit is, simply access it through the Mobile Manager app with no need to be in the store


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