Grow Revenue and Profits With Epicor Eagle

Epicor Eagle N Series retail management software delivers power and simplicity to your retail operations. Thousands of small to midsize businesses rely on Epicor solutions to improve efficiencies and grow revenue and profits. We help you:

  • Optimize inventory for increased profitability
  • Improve financial control with integrated accounting and real-time analytics
  • Deliver an exceptional, personalized customer experience at the point of sale (POS) and beyond to grow loyalty and wallet share
  • Run your business anywhere with powerful mobile tools and online solutions

Paul's ACE Hardware - Improved Operations and Growth with Epicor Eagle

Optimize Your Entire Business With Epicor Eagle

Point of Sale

Eagle POS helps you simplify sales transactions and provide better customer service. 

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Analytics and Reporting

View critical performance information in real-time dashboards and scorecards with Eagle analytics. 

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Epicor iNet eBusiness Suite integrates with Epicor Eagle to help you increase sales and reach more customers online. 

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Document Management

An integrated electronic filing system lets you save, recall, and reprint invoices and documents. 

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Financial Management

Integrated financial applications help you improve your cash flow and better manage your money. 

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Gun Range Management

Epicor Range Management lets firearms businesses manage all aspects of the shooting range. 

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ATF Compliance

FFLs can ensure ATF compliance through automated A&D Bound Book management. 

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Order Management

Streamline your special order process so that you can easily source items, track delivery, and fulfill orders.


Inventory and Purchasing Management

Maintain optimum inventory levels to meet customer needs while eliminating stock-outs. 

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Run your retail business from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet with Eagle mobility tools. 

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Payment Management

Process credit and debit card payments at a lower cost with Epicor Payment Exchange. 

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Customer Management

Build rewards programs that rival those of national chains at a lower cost—and increase store traffic, sales, and profits. 

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Workforce Management

Improve staffing decisions and reduce labor costs by more accurately forecasting staffing needs. 

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Sales & Marketing

Pricing Planner helps you make real-time, data-driven pricing decisions. 

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Total Rental software brings state-of-the-art rental management tools to your Eagle system. 


Track everything from order taking to manifest creation and beyond with Epicor Eagle N Series. 

Epicor Eagle N Series Support and Training


Know your options when it comes to support and maintenance for your retail software. 

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Build skills and productivity with training and development through various types of learning. 

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Managed Services

Increase your company's performance and profitability through Epicor Managed Services. 

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"I'm able to make smarter buying and pricing choices that fine-tune margins. Eagle gives me peace of mind, and that's invaluable."
Mindy Baker
Store Manager | Thompson Pharmacy

Metrics That Matter

Discover the most effective KPIs to help transform your business.