Technology that evolves to meet your needs

Staying competitive requires you to continually innovate and optimize your business strategies to meet market demands. Your technology should do the same.

Upgrading your business solutions doesn’t have to be painful. Epicor has tools and services designed to simplify and automate the process for reduced time, effort, and cost in upgrading.

Each valuable release from Epicor introduces:

  • New workflow to optimize business efficiency
  • New technology to improve employee experience and business agility
  • New tools that support greater connectivity with customers and suppliers
  • Fundamental changes to help maintain compliance, security, and ensure reliable solutions
  • A path to the cloud to automate future upgrades

Boyer Machine & Tool's Recent Upgrade to Epicor Cloud ERP

Preparing to Upgrade Your Solutions

Aspire to meet the expectation of change that cloud inspires. Strategies to deploy today to keep pace and get ready for cloud. 

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Cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) offers the flexibility, scalability, and ease to keep pace with innovation.

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Epicor ERP Positioned as “Visionary” in Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP for Product-Centric Midsize Enterprise

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Epicor Upgrading Services Reduce Risk, Effort, and Cost

Epicor strives to develop our solutions for reduced effort in upgrading. Where needed, Epicor combines a proven process with available cloud services to make upgrading a fast and painless process as possible. The elements Epicor utilizes to reduce risk, effort, and cost in upgrading include:

  • Process: Epicor offers a proven process developed over tens of thousands of upgrades
  • Learning and Validation: Epicor University delivers self-paced education, guiding you through upgrade implementation
  • Support: Expert support services are available throughout the upgrading process, including premium services when needed
  • Cloud Services: Epicor offers a powerful advantage in providing cloud services for businesses looking to upgrade to the cloud and leverage that benefits that cloud offers.

Latest Release by Solution

Epicor ERP

Learn how the latest release can help improve profitability with better data visibility.

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Epicor Eclipse

Learn how the latest release can grow sales for electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and PVF distributors.

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Epicor BisTrack

Learn how the latest release can help LBM distributors improve efficiency and achieve growth.

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Epicor Eagle for the Aftermarket

Learn how the latest release can help improve margins for aftermarket auto parts distributors, retailers, and job shops.

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Epicor LumberTrack

Learn how the latest release can help lumber and wood product manufacturers optimize and analyze key operations.

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Epicor iScala

Learn how the latest release can boost efficiencies for hospitality leaders in Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific regions.

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Epicor Eagle N Series

Learn how the latest release can optimize management systems for small to mid-sized retailers.

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Epicor Prophet 21

Learn how the latest release can drive end-to-end efficiencies for wholesale distributors. 

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Epicor CMS

Learn how the latest release drives digital transformations for automotive manufacturers.

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Epicor Delivers a Path to Cutting-Edge Technology

Modern technologies offer greater data visibility and connectivity between employees, customers, and suppliers. They can drive new life into any business by attracting innovative talent that propels growth. Epicor has a long history of delivering effective solutions and offers a path from our celebrated technologies to our latest solutions.