It won’t come as a surprise that many Retail businesses have replaced their aging software systems with more modern, capable business management systems like Epicor Eagle. 

To face the Retail challenges of today, you need an integrated system that can effectively grow with your business. Here are just a few of many ways Eagle can help businesses using Dimensions:

  • Greater real-time visibility with easy-to-use and flexible reporting and dashboards, allow for more responsive problem resolution and decision-making
  • See how much easier and effective it is to run a business with a more integrated system including delivery and dispatch, document management, third party integrations and more
  • Complete business digitalization—from ecommerce and online account management, to mobile sales, service in the aisles and more

Hear from Coast Builders RONA and Elmwood Home Hardware, former Dimensions users, about why they made the move to Eagle and the gains they've seen since the transition.

Reduce Hidden Inventory Costs and Ensure the Right Products are on the Shelves

Reduce Hidden Inventory Costs with Eagle Retail Management Software

Good inventory management means carrying enough products to meet customer demand while eliminating the unnecessary excess that hurts profitability. Discover how you can improve the inventory management process.