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Epicor Celebrates 25 Years of Enterprise Software Innovation

Epicor is committed to providing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality and services companies that drive efficiency throughout business operations and help build competitive advantage. Celebrating 25 years of innovation, Epicor continues to be on the forefront in the development of Web services-based enterprise software applications, embracing the Microsoft .NET Framework. An early adopter of the .NET platform, Epicor leads the charge in delivering business software solutions that provide tier-one functionality at a midmarket cost of ownership.

The company history shows how Epicor has established technology leadership as the first to deliver innovative business software solutions time and time again, evolving over 25 years to become a global leader in ERP software.

1984 Platinum Software Corporation founded. Launched the first financial accounting software product designed for multi-user LAN-based environments.

1992 Platinum Software goes public on NASDAQ under PSFT ticker. Introduced Platinum SQL – the first financial accounting product designed specifically for client/server computing.

1996 George Klaus joined company. Platinum embarked on strategy to create end-to-end solution.

1997 Acquired Clientele, an award-winning CRM solution, and FocusSoft, an extension to Platinum’s existing distribution solution.

1998 Acquired DataWorks to extend Platinum’s solution to incorporate manufacturing solutions.

1999 Changed name to Epicor Software Corporation to reflect size of company, breadth of solution, and role that solution played in an organization.

2002 Delivered industry’s first CRM solution built on Microsoft .NET. Acquired procurement and sourcing solutions from Clarus.

2003 Delivered industry’s first completely Web services-based enterprise service automation solution, Epicor for Service Enterprises. Acquired CompuNet to expand hospitality solutions; TDC solutions for supply chain execution applications; and, ROI Systems to further extend manufacturing capabilities.

2004 Completed acquisition of Scala Business Solutions to make Epicor a truly global company with a presence in more than 140 countries and solutions in 30+ languages.

2005 Delivered industry’s first manufacturing solution based on a 100-percent service-oriented architecture, Epicor Vantage 8.0. Completed the acquisition of CRS Retail Systems to offer a comprehensive suite of retail solutions.

2006 Epicor ranked as 7th largest global ERP software provider, growing faster than any other vendor in the market (footnote: according to 2006 Market Analytics report published by AMR Research). Delivered .NET Web services-based point-of-sale solution, RetailStore 3.0, to the retail industry.

2007 Delivered Epicor Productivity Pyramid, which draws together people, processes and applications through the combination of three powerful business tools: Epicor Portal, Epicor Service Connect and Epicor Information Worker.

2008 Acquired NSB Retail Systems to further extend Epicor’s retail suite and position Epicor as the leader in specialty retail solutions. Launched Epicor’s converged, next-generation ERP application, Epicor 9.

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