Customer Profitability Analysis

Epicor® Customer Profit Analyzer provides distributors with a true understanding of their total cost to serve for each of their customers. By easily segmenting and grading your customer base, you can make business decisions that will prevent unprofitable customers from eroding your margins, while protecting your most profitable relationships.

  • Do you currently know how many of your customers are unprofitable?
  • Do you know why certain customers are unprofitable?
  • Do you know which group of customers is the biggest drain on your business?
  • Can you identify your top 10 most profitable customers?
  • What criteria is your business using to determine true customer performance?

Customer Profit Analyzer provides this information in a simple dashboard view, while also revealing which customers’ performance is trending up or down the fastest. This level of business intelligence allows you to take action before a downward trend becomes a major issue.

Because every business is different, you determine which factors have a material impact on the customer rating—such as sales, gross profit percent, number of order lines, outstanding days past due, average invoice value, credit status, and more—and the “weight” that each factor should hold. The application then segments and grades each customer accordingly, based on the data in your ERP system.

Making Better Business Decisions

With this scorecard information, distributors can now see which customers they need to protect at all costs (the most profitable ones), and which customers require a different strategy in order to make them more profitable for your business. Decisions about pricing, delivery, and other services offered to customers no longer need to be made by “gut feel.” Now you can arm your front line staff with the information they need to make the appropriate decisions when managing the customer relationship.

With Customer Profit Analyzer, your organization will have a true model for the type of business your sales team wants to bring in: high volume, high profit, loyal customers with a low cost to serve.