Product Control and Manufacturing Execution Software That Drives Results

Eliminate inefficiencies and make better decisions with accurate, easy-to-read, real-time information from Epicor Advanced MES. Answer tough questions to improve productivity, lower costs, and gain a competitive edge. With Advanced MES, you can:

  • Get 24/7 manufacturing information for all your plant operations
  • Implement continuous improvement initiatives to drive business growth and transform the shop floor into a center of excellence
  • Reduce scrap, waste, and machine downtime with improved cycle times and production schedule efficiency

Epicor Advanced MES (Mattec) helps manufacturers build towards becoming a Factory of the Future

Advanced MES Capabilities

Make Your Business Fit, Fast, and Flexible With Advanced MES.

Manufacturing Resources

Learn what a manufacturing execution system (MES) can do and whether it's right for your business.

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Learn more about how you can make your business fit, fast, and flexible with Advanced MES.

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Success Stories

"Before the mold opens Advanced MES tells us whether the product is good or bad. That translates into a better product..."

Mitch Stein,
Plant Manager

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 “We used to run 3-4% scrap. Last month we were down to 1.37%. You can't get much better than that; that's world-class and is largely attributable to Advanced MES. It's the tool that gives us the numbers we need to make good decisions.”

Dave Rose,
Quality Engineer

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 "Advanced MES is a powerful tool that we use to analyze issues and demonstrate measurable performance improvements."

Juan Camilo Posada
Operations Manager

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Sistema Plastics Customer Success

The Epicor ERP and Epicor Advanced MES (Mattec) systems have been an integral part of the business at Sistema Plastics. They enable them to plan more effectively, gain further efficiencies and run an effective operation.

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MAE-Eitel Customer Success Video

By adding the Advanced MES functionality to their Epicor ERP software, MAE-Eitel was able to get real time production and process monitoring.

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IMCO Carbide Tool: Customer Success Story

Perry Osburn, president of IMCO Carbide Tool, talks about how adopting Epicor ERP and Advanced MES was an important part of the company’s revenue and growth.

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Survey Analysis: The Business Value of Manufacturing Execution Systems