Epicor Informance EMI

Manufacturing Intelligence Systems for Manufacturers

Gain actionable insight into manufacturing improvement opportunities for your plant or entire enterprise with Informance EMI,manufacturing intelligence software from Epicor.

Accelerate operational performance initiatives such as Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, and other continuous improvement methods, drive operating strategies, and capture actionable insight into manufacturing improvements. Reduce major downtime, minor stops and quality losses to improve OEE.

Manufacturing intelligence systems let you monitor your manufacturing line performance in real-time, and focus your continuous improvement efforts on the most critical opportunities. Quickly unlock hidden capacity, increase productivity without additional capital investment, and reduce inventory and labor costs with Epicor Informance EMI.

Epicor Informance EMI, manufacturing intelligence software, helps you focus operating strategies at the executive level and convert them into execution tactics at the plant level:

  • Focus and drive operating strategies throughout the production network
  • Track results with clear, easy-to-understand analytics that show OEE, downtime, and waste
  • Utilize over 700 out-of-the box analytics and dashboards
  • Aggregate and contextualize data from all plants in a production network
  • Analyze data across multiple plants, product lines, and asset types
  • Combine enterprise and production data for visibility and actionable insight
  • Reveal transformational improvement opportunities with significant ROI

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Systems Benchmarking Studies

In order to develop a baseline for manufacturing efficiency for best-in-class and laggard manufacturers, Epicor has completed numerous manufacturing benchmark studies for different industries. These studies were compiled with information from Epicor Informance EMI manufacturing intelligence systems (including patented analytics), and IMPACT Advisory Services. The benchmark survey details the collected data, and includes insight and correlations to operational success of tactical and strategic actions.