Epicor ERP Planning and Scheduling

Anticipate and plan for your production needs—including materials and equipment. Use demand forecasting tools to schedule tasks and boost productivity.

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Epicor ERP Project Management

Plan and schedule manufacturing activities within a project to deliver products on time and on budget. With Epicor ERP Project Management, you get status updates and alerts plus built-in analysis and reporting tools to track costs, schedules, and resources.

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Retail Staff Forecasting and Scheduling

Optimize staff scheduling by using historical sales data—along with hot-and cold-floor coverage analysis—and discover how you can minimize labor costs, optimize profits, and deliver even better customer service.

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Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive Production Planning and Scheduling

Optimize automotive parts production with real-time visibility across the shop floor. Epicor CMS helps you plan and track jobs and schedule machines.


2020 Global Growth Index Now Available

Bring visibility and agility to planning and scheduling tasks

Organizations rely on accurate, flexible planning and scheduling tools to manage resources and meet customer demands. Epicor solutions help manufacturers and distributors plan and schedule the equipment, staff, and materials necessary to meet shipping dates. For retailers, Epicor helps you schedule the right number of workers to profitably assist shoppers. With planning and scheduling tools integrated into your industry-specific Epicor system, your business is better prepared to meet customer demands and drive productivity that fuels growth.