Cloud-based Workforce Management Software for Retail

Labor is one of the largest expenses for a retailer, so profits depend on getting employee schedules right. Mistakes can result in costly overstaffing or disappointed customers that move on to other stores. Epicor Scheduling+™ makes staff scheduling easier, faster, and more accurate.

  • Reduce labor costs by forecasting staffing needs more accurately based on POS sales data and with hot- and cold-floor coverage
  • Speed and simplify scheduling tasks — manage schedules anywhere, from any web-enabled device
  • Enable employees to check their schedules anytime, clock-in and clock-out, view and update assigned tasks, request time off, and even view messages left by management all on their mobile devices
  • Improve staff accountability – easily assign and track tasks
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements through automated alerts when overtime or other thresholds are at risk

“Managers can basically schedule according to whether we are over or under budget for the day/week/month. This really helps us keep tabs on our finances.”

Johil Parbtani
General Manager | Miami Home Centers

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A fully integrated retail POS system with built-in industry best practices to improve efficiencies and drive growth across retail stores

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Optimize your business—from customer orders and POS, to inventory management, financials , mobile, online capabilities, and customer loyalty.

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