Cross-company Collaboration

Collaboration is a key to all businesses success and whilst tools such as email and conference calls have been around for a long time, distributors and manufacturers are constantly looking as how they can improve communication and responsiveness.

Collaborating is about working with each other to complete a task and to achieve shared goals. It involves two or more people or organizations working together sharing knowledge or solving a problem. Business collaboration fosters social interaction both internally and externally, crowd-sourcing as well a new levels of cooperation between various parties whether this is employees working on the same project or customers and suppliers working together to solve a problem.

Epicor Social Enterprise

Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE) heralds a new generation of business collaboration, and leverages the benefits of Microsoft Windows 10. By providing a platform that encourages the sharing and sourcing of information, ESE is designed to change corporate cultures and drive efficiency and innovation on a whole new scale.

Epicor Social Enterprise leverages social media concepts (#hashtags, mentions, repostings/sharing) to allow users to work with their Epicor ERP more easily. Users can choose to follow a business object or a transaction throughout its life in your enterprise business solution. Simply share updates with colleagues, business partners and even customers or suppliers from within the application or using email. Mobile users can easily interact with the ERP from the road whether they are checking the status of a requisition or communicating with a colleague around an open service activity.

Embedded within your ERP, Epicor Social Enterprise provides companies with the ability to collaborate around orders, customers, suppliers, configurations, projects or any other business object within your ERP. Easily track information about an order as it progresses from a lead all the way until payment is received in a dedicated stream available within your ERP solution or within a separate portal.

Resolve complex business challenges by leveraging knowledge from across the organization using formalized groups or through the formation of informal teams (crowd-sourcing) with the knowledge that the problem resolution is fully documented against the business object in the ERP database. These business knowledge bases can be searched or accessed from within the ERP or using Epicor Enterprise Search or #Hashtags.

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