B2B and EDI Solutions in general are comprised of three main components. First and foremost is the ERP or platform application where business documents are imported or exported. For Epicor ERP this is the Demand Management Module and EDI exports which are implemented by Epicor EDI Consultants. Second is the data translation or mapping. Epicor translation maps are built and governed by Epicor employees using TIE Kinetix integrator maps. Third is connectivity via VAN or direct connections with trading partners. Epicor has its own dedicated VAN team through the Epicor TDX VAN. Epicor believes the best EDI solution is one where all three components are implemented and serviced all by Epicor employees to ensure efficient and quality delivery and the best post-production customer experience.

This Planning form asks key questions to aid the EDI team to be more accurate in estimating the customer’s requirements for a B2B-EDI solution. Please answer these to the best of your ability and add additional detail if noteworthy. Failure to provide all relevant information may slow the implementation process and result in a change order. Direct any questions to the EDI Consulting erp-edi-servicesrequest@epicor.com.

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1. What are your overall goals for your EDI project?

Pack Scenario Frequency Shipments Volume by containers Complexity of packs
A 1 - 2 shipments 1 - 10 Low
B 2 - 12 shipments 1 - 10 Low
C 12 -30 shipments 1 - 30 High
D 30+ 30+ Med - High

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