Transform Your Business: Apply for the Epicor Customer Excellence Awards 2016

From our last blog series we talked about last year was inaugural year for the Epicor Customer awards in EMEA having two UK companies winning three different categories. To view last year's winner and how it brought positive results in their business click here. We encourage you to apply this year and see how an Epicor customer award can bring a positive impact on your business. Nominations are open until June 1. Submit your application here. Please note that nominations are open to Epicor customers who have implemented an Epicor business software solution in the last 24 months.

Winning the Epicor EMEA Customer Awards in two categories last year was a great achievement and testament to the success that we have achieved over recent years.

Stephen Lane
Finance Director | Xtrac

In the meantime, we'd like to say something about the business changing transformation of Xtrac.

Xtrac exports motorsport transmissions to Europe, North and South America, China, Japan, Korea and many other countries. Their customer list includes many household motoring names and is forged upon Xtrac's reputation for quality and reliability.  

Last year they won two different awards in different categories:

Investment in Apprentices:

To win this award, Xtrac provided details on their apprenticeship scheme.  

Xtrac offers an EMTA approved Advanced Apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering, combining on the job training and study towards National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) Levels 2 and 3. Xtrac recruits 4 or 5 apprentices a year who are all at different stages in their training.

Stephen Lane, Finance Director, from Xtrac added: “We simply outlined our effective and productive apprenticeship scheme, providing details on how people can apply, what the apprenticeships entail and how our very experienced and dedicated Apprentice Coordinator manages and supports each individual during their time at Xtrac. 

"We're very proud of our scheme, which has been running for 23 years, and has resulted in raising the company profile and successful promotion of manufacturing, motorsport and engineering to young people, within the community and in schools and colleges.

"With hundreds of candidates chasing just a few positions the award-winning, well-recognized scheme is a long-term resource planning tool which generates, develops and uses new talent.  We train for specialist skills and also look for and develop future leaders of the company.

"We were delighted to have the scheme recognized by the Epicor EMEA Customer Awards."

International Expansion/Exports:

To win this award, Xtrac demonstrated how its focus on exports was reaping rewards.

Stephen Lane, Finance Director, from Xtrac explains: “Xtrac is an export led company with over 70% of our 2015 revenue coming from exports. In the last few years we have won several awards for business and export, which is a fantastic accolade for everyone that works at Xtrac. 

"We are constantly seeking new opportunities and markets to work with, striking deals all over Europe, the US, Brazil and more recently Argentina and China, neither the easiest countries for the UK to export to.  

"Having recently passed the milestone of making $1 billion of cumulative sales since Xtrac opened for business, of which more than $0.6 billion were exports from the UK, we plan to continue to be an export-led company that really showcases the UK's huge talent and world-leading engineering expertise across all parts of the world.  

Stephen concludes: "Winning the Epicor EMEA Customer Awards in two categories last year was a great achievement and testament to the success that we have achieved over recent years".

Posted by Stuart Hall, Sales Director, Epicor UK


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