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Kroll International Drives Innovation to Maximize Warehouse Operations

Kroll International LLC, a leading wholesale-only distributor based in Michigan nabbed the award for Technology Innovator award during the annual Insights 2016 Customer Excellence Award held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kroll was selected for demonstrating how they've leveraged technology to drive innovation throughout their business to achieve measurable success.

Kroll InternationalLLCHonoredinEpicorInsights2016CustomerExcellenceAwards-ListKroll International needed to maximize its warehouse operations in order to create efficiencies in receiving, inventory control, and shipping.  By utilizing Epicor Prophet 21 as a foundation for improvements, Kroll reduced costs per shipment significantly, as well as increased customer service.  This is why a Wireless Warehouse Management System (WWMS) was implemented, with the official launch in September 2015.

Significant Impacts

Going wireless and utilizing Prophet 21 had tremendous impact in helping Kroll meet their organizational objectives and fulfill their company mission each day.
Among the significant impacts from implementation, the company experienced:

  • Streamlined Operations - By going wireless, warehouse efficiency rate improved by approximately 16.9%. 
  • Cost Savings - It is estimated this project will save as much as one full-time employee per million dollars in sales due to faster and more effective warehouse operations.
  • Increased Productivity - Average shipped orders per day have increased by 21.7% since implementation.
  • Increased Revenue - Going wireless, they are now able to house additional brands bringing capacity utilization up 15.26%.  
  • Higher Quality - Integrating Prophet 21 and WWMS allowed Kroll to replace manual processes with accurate technology, and increase our product accuracy with our customers.
  • Improved Decision Making - More accurate tracking of inventory made better organizational decisions on products and brands.
  • Better Customer Service - Ship more accurately, affordably, faster, and with increased flexibility.  
  • Higher Employee Satisfaction - With less room for human errors, clear performance standards, and easily identifiable success metrics, warehouse employees have experienced a  more enjoyable work environment with more intrinsic rewards.  
  • Proactive Problem Resolution - Being able to now proactively identify potential problems within the supply chain - whether on the receiving or shipping end in the chain - has greatly improved service levels.

In addition with the use of Prophet 21 Picked Order Movement (POM), this has developed into a Packing Station application that enables a secondary checkpoint to proactively catch errors. This has helped reduce error rate and better customer service.

Congratulations to Kroll on their achievement.

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