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Sharing Our Story During the Epicor Retail Road Show: How Klem’s Tractor Has Improved Operations

"Every decision we make in the business is somehow tied to information from the Epicor Eagle system. It's helping us become more competitive by allowing us to get good information immediately and make better decisions," said Jessica Bettencourt, President of Klem's Tractor.

This has been a true statement for the last 19 years we have operated our business on the Epicor Eagle retail business management system. Recently, I had the chance to share our story to a group of retailers during the inaugural Epicor Retail Road Show event hosted at our business, Klem's Tractor, in Spencer, Massachusetts.

From the moment I was first approached by Epicor to participate as a host for the event, I was excited. I was eager to share the story of our business -- how it has grown and flourished, our challenges, how we overcame them, and our future plans. Here are just a few highlights that I was able to share during the event:

Improved Inventory Management
Businesses with a long history like ours often face difficulty managing old inventory and obsolete SKUs. Luckily, with Epicor Eagle software, our managers can explore transaction details by class, department and primary vendor. They can choose a format that allows them to search easily for products that might be priced incorrectly. Because our company opened so many years ago, we've faced inventory management challenges, like duplicate SKUs. However by running Epicor Compass reports and looking at Epicor Eagle Viewers, we can easily find and fix those problems. 

Maximizing Customer Loyalty
Like all businesses, customers are our lifeline -- without them our company would not exist. Through our use of Epicor Eagle Loyalty, as well as dynamic promotions, coupons, punch cards and special orders, we have gained 27,000 new loyalty customers in just a few years operating with the program. With so many customers enrolled in our program, we can track frequency and size of loyalty customer purchases and really understand their buying behavior. Armed with that information, we can continually evolve the program to drive incremental revenue.

Positive, Specific, Impactful Changes 
A few minor adjustments to the way our business operates have turned in to major savings. For example, our margins grew by 1.5% the first year after launching the Epicor Eagle Pricing Planner application. Also, we use single-ply register tapes and signature capture pads at our point of sale (POS) stations. With signature capture, we can now file signed credit card receipts electronically, eliminating physical storage requirements while maintaining compliance with tax regulations. I estimate that Epicor Document Management saves us at least $10,000 annually in paper and labor costs and eliminates the need to store about a pallet of register tapes per year. We no longer spend at least an hour a day sorting and stapling all those credit card receipts to the sales report -- it's a huge timesaver.

For a deeper-dive into the Klem's Tractor story, click here and here.

Posted by Jessica Bettencourt, President, Klem’s Tractor


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