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July is Independent Retailer Month!

Promote the event and generate traffic with free resources

Independent Retailer Month is an event that runs annually in July and encourages consumers to shop locally at independent stores. It’s a time to celebrate and recognize the positive social and economic impact that your business creates with job opportunities and community reinvestment.

Statistics speak volumes about the value that independents offer local communities. Including this one from The Institute for Local Self-Reliance: Every $100 spent at local independents generates $45 of secondary local spending compared to $14 for big box chains.


Unite your community and remind consumers about the benefits of shopping local with free resources on the Independent Retailer Month website. Find graphics, posters, postcards, statistics, and activity ideas.

Promote Independent Retailer Month on your social media accounts and website. Be sure to use the hashtag #indieretail to help spread the word.

Epicor Proudly Supports Independent Retailers

This month, and every day of the year, Epicor celebrates your unique business, distinctive inventory, and dedication to exceptional customer service. We are the essential partner to the world’s most essential businesses.

Learn more in the free Epicor eBook: 4 Trends Shaping the Future of Retail. And find out how to meet the future ready and resilient.



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