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Epicor Unveils Propello

April 23, 2019

We are excited to announce the availability of Propello, with robust point of sale (POS) and store management capabilities, designed for select specialty retail markets. Built with over 45 years of experience in retail management systems, this new solution will help Main Street retailers delight their customers, simplify everyday tasks, and grow their business. Propello is initially available to thrift store retailers. Over time, we plan to expand to other small, specialty retail markets.


Propello is an important addition to the existing portfolio of retail products, including the award-winning Epicor Eagle retail management solution. Deployed in the cloud, Propello includes point of sale, analytics, fully integrated payments, loyalty, and mobile functionality optimized for specialty retail.  In addition, it offers unparalleled embedded and contextual learning resources for users at every turn—including interactive tours, guided learning, videos, articles, and more. These tools accelerate onboarding of new employees and help them continually improve their productivity and fluency with the system.

The current trends for automation and personalization in retail technology are transforming the front-of-store operations and customer experience, disrupting how we deliver goods today and transforming the shopping experience of tomorrow. Accenture and the Retail Industry Leaders Association released data that indicates more consumers than ever want retailers to personalize their shopping experiences: 63% of consumers surveyed indicated that they were interested in personalized recommendations; and 64% revealed that they were willing to share personal data in exchange for benefits like loyalty points and automatic credits for coupons.

It’s those exceptional, personalized, in-store experiences that are key in attracting and retaining customers. With Propello, we’ve reimagined everything for both users and consumers to allow retailers to drive sales and repeat business.

Our cloud technology enables retailers with a solution that is available anywhere, anytime, on any web-enabled device. Product details, use or care instructions, pricing, and inventory are immediately accessible at an employee’s fingertips to respond to customer inquiries. Immediate visibility and accessibility to business performance results help retailers better understand what is going on across their business 24/7.

Our cloud solution not only arms employees with information to serve customers, it also gives retailers ultimate security, availability, and reliability—all with significantly reduced IT effort and complexity. With built-in redundancies and failsafe procedures, and no maintenance or updating to do, it’s easy to understand why cloud deployments are so compelling to retailers.

With Epicor retail solutions running in more than 7,000 locations, we look forward to driving the success of all our Epicor Eagle and Propello customers in their respective markets, bringing modern, digital experiences to Main Street retailers and consumers.

By Scott Hays, SVP, Product Marketing

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