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Reflecting on 2016: Marvel Manufacturing Award Winner

As we end the calendar year of 2016, we wanted to highlight our Wisconsin based customer, Marvel Manufacturing. Founded in 1904, the company introduced the first vertical tilt-frame band saw in 1917 and remains the leader in the vertical tilt frame market. Today, Marvel offers a complete line of metal cutting saws and ironworkers under MARVEL and SPARTAN trademarks.* Also earlier this year, Marvel won the "Rapid Time to Value" award during our annual Insights 2016 Customer Excellence Award held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Marvel was selected for demonstrating a fast implementation and deployment of Epicor ERP through motivated project teams, efficient staffing, training and production readiness.

When a new product release was being designed at Marvel, the procurement and manufacturing engineers would race to get their respected parts completed. This batch processing of new products created emergency situations during execution. Manufacturing Engineers were under pressure to route and estimate large batches of parts in a timely manner. Purchasing personnel were pressured to source parts from suppliers with minimal lead times. This lead to tighter assembly and test schedules. 

Apply single flow design revision releases while maintaining proper accountability. This was primarily achieved through a highly customized ECO interface, and a series of views within a single Epicor dashboard.  

eflecting on 2016: Marvel Manufacturing Award Winner

Significant impacts: 

  • First time product release cycle was tremendously reduced.
  • Improved communication with vendors for better pricing negotiations and lead times. 
  • Enhanced first run fixturing design for CNC machines. 
  • Overall increase in throughput from design to ship.  
  • Beta run quality was very good. 
  • More time afforded Marvel to be better prepared for production.

Congratulations to Marvel Manufacturing on their accomplishment. Learn more about the winners - click here.

*Source LinkedIn page


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