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ERP Selection Tips for Make-to-Stock Manufacturers

A make-to-stock manufacturing company that builds discrete products for inventory faces key business challenges.  In this environment, finished products are manufactured and shipped based on demand forecasts issued by the customer base, therefore it is critical to accurately forecast customer demand and create inventory replenishment plans.

The make-to-stock manufacturer must optimize their processes to prevent excess inventory and opportunity loss due to stock-out. Accurate, efficient demand planning is a key factor in keeping customers satisfied, and ensuring successful business performance, especially in the consumer products sector.

But what is the most efficient method for a company to accurately forecast demand?

Real-Time ERP

Today's modern ERP system offers specific features and functions to manage production, demand planning, inventory management and other mission-critical operations.  Automated systems help a company improve efficiency by using real-time demand data to set safety stock, optimal production, and ordering points based on lead times of material procurement, production, and delivery as well as demand forecasts.

The ERP system must help with business process improvement in the areas of sales forecasts, promotion pricing, demand planning, production forecasts, scheduling, inventory and more. 

When a make-to-stock manufacturer enters into an ERP selection project, it's critical to review the specific systems that best manage demand forecasting. Many ERP vendors tailor their systems to offer robust features, especially in the area of automated demand planning, product production forecasts, inventory, production, and raw material requirements. Throughout the process, each step should be done with workflow in a paperless environment.

Smarter ERP Research and Selection

Most make-to-stock manufacturers are so busy with their operations they don't have the time or resources to travel to an off-site event to look at ERP systems. Our team has heard your concerns and we've listened.

Epicor is taking part in Ultra Consultants' upcoming Make to Stock Manufacturing ERP Webinar Series. Taking place Tuesday, May 24th at 1PM CDT, we will come directly to you via an online demonstration, showcasing how Epicor's solution meets the needs of make-to-stock manufacturers. 

Those attending will be able to reference an archived, on-demand recording at their convenience, and share it with their entire ERP selection team. This is a no-cost, no-travel demo series, is perfect for an active ERP project, and a smart option for teams looking to make the most of their project budget.

Reserve your spot today to cut the cost and complexity of ERP software selection. See how an Epicor implementation will provide timely forecasts and better inventory management for your specific business requirements.

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