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Epicor Recognized in Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence and Manufacturing ERP Solutions Providers

In 2017, manufacturers are entering new unchartered territory. And what's needed to navigate this new world is manufacturing intelligence. This is the premise of industry commentary from Epicor CEO Joe Cowan which was featured in Manufacturing Tech Insights. Epicor was recently named one of the Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Providers and Top 10 Manufacturing ERP Solutions Providers by the publication.

The leadership position Epicor holds in equipping manufacturers with the means to derive crucial insights to support real-time decision making and operational excellence is something progressive manufacturers should take notice of-and can bank on-when looking for a technology partner to help them grow, keep up with customer and market demands, and stay ahead of competitors. 

Per Cowan, the manufacturing sector is poised to enter a new era with additive manufacturing, cluster manufacturing and near-shoring. Add to the fact the continued digitization of the shop floor creating new connections and new data streams, the need for responsiveness is more critical than ever for profitable growth.

Per the McKinsey Global Institute Report, "Unlocking the Potential of the Internet of Things," factories have the greatest potential for value creation in the IoT era, but an estimated 70% of data captured through manufacturing goes unused.

This is changing quickly however, as companies are starting to understand the need for an infrastructure that enables them to leverage new technologies including mobility, and collecting, aggregating and analyzing data via the IoT.

The enemy of progress is legacy ERP systems which add complexity and inefficiency rather than streamlining and simplifying the business of manufacturing, and which can't address today's insight imperative, says Cowan. 

Epicor is helping manufacturers turn the explosion of data they have into intelligence and insights to support real-time decision making, at every level and across every function in the organization-and throughout the extended supply chain-to "see the forest through the trees."

The goal of Epicor is to bring powerful capabilities along with simplicity and ease of use-finding new ways to make ERP easy and intuitive to use, deploy and manage. It's not just about ditching clunky interfaces, it's about redefining the relationship people have with ERP. It means removing the barriers to accessing information and minimizing steps in the flow. And it means leveraging new means of visualizing, interacting and consuming information to provide actionable insights to the whole organization.

Of course, manufacturers need to improve the experience around collaboration inside the four walls of the enterprise, as well as within their customer base. Following years of operational efficiency and aggressive cost-cutting initiatives, manufacturers are now focused on driving new growth. Finding ways to enhance customer experience has become a top priority and yet maintaining and elevating customer satisfaction levels as companies grow and expand can be challenging. Epicor ERP can help manufacturers avoid these "growing pains," ensuring the right high-quality product to the right customer at the right time, every time. Epicor ERP helps manufacturers quickly adjust to meet the demands of their customers, whether it's to add new products to your offering, or change schedules for existing orders. And it empowers employees with tools and information to respond to customers efficiently and deliver a superior customer experience.

Manufacturing is getting faster, smarter and more customer-focused-thanks to manufacturing intelligence. And Epicor continues to hone its leading-edge in next-generation manufacturing ERP to ensure customers achieve operational excellence, growth and success in the new era of connected manufacturing.

Posted by Epicor Social Media Team


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