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Dalsin Industries: Succeeding with Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is ushering in agile, affordable manufacturing fueled by technology enablers such as the IoT, 3D printing, cloud computing, mobile devices and big data. Embracing Industry 4.0 drives improved productivity and keeps costs down while ensuring quality and consistency across manufacturing processes globally. However, the amount of change manufacturing will need to navigate to grow in the Industry 4.0 era will be unprecedented.

Epicor has helped us evolve on how we keep up with our customers and put us in a great position to help us grow as we embrace the future of manufacturing.

Gary Fruth
chief executive officer, Dalsin Industries

Manufacturers that are traditionally product-focused will now need to place equal focus on developing and delivering new services to address quickly changing customer demands and preferences. As we move to the new "everything as a service" paradigm, manufacturers will need next-generation ERP solutions to support execution and insights to propel new business models.

A precision metal manufacturer that prides itself in being an extension of its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers, Dalsin Industries provides metal manufacturing solutions through a unique blend of experienced staff, advanced and automated CNC stamping and fabrication/assembly equipment, and design services supporting product manufacturing cost reduction and optimized product fit, form, and function.

"Some of the most significant challenges we face are increasing customer demands from the standpoint of technical ability, documentation, and service lead-time being reduced, but yet wanting it all for less,” said Keith Diekmann, vice president of technical operations, Dalsin Industries. "It's very competitive out in the market today, so we must maintain our competitiveness through technology to reduce costs and time-to-market."

Dalsin is embracing the future of manufacturing via its connected manufacturing floor where machines communicate with one another about data and performance. To support this, it relies on Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP).

One of the ways Epicor has supported Dalsin in its Industry 4.0 strategy is through business activity queries (BAQ) to provide visibility into virtually all aspects of its operations.

"We need to be able to create dashboards to access information quickly to support real-time decision making," said Jeff Dalsin, IT business analyst for Dalsin Industries. "That flexibility allows us to get the answers to the people that need them as soon as possible. It can be about anything-from what jobs are late, to a certain operation, to what's ready to ship so they can get it out the door.”

"For us, customer experience is key. Each and every time, we must engage our customers responsively, interact with them and provide them with products and services that meet or beat their expectations,” said Gary Fruth, chief executive officer, Dalsin Industries. "Epicor has helped us evolve on how we keep up with our customers and put us in a great position to help us grow as we embrace the future of manufacturing."

Manufacturers such as Dalsin Industries are reinventing how they do business and fearlessly embracing what's next to be positioned for growth. Epicor is proud to support them in this journey. Your manufacturing operation-fit for future growth. Visit us at IMTS Booth #133324


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