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ARC Advisory Research Ranks Epicor as the Leading MES Software Supplier in Plastics and Rubber

As manufacturing enterprises around the globe seek out new ways to streamline operations, increase responsiveness, and become more data smart and connected, we’re delighted to report that ARC Advisory Group Research has identified Epicor as a leading MES (manufacturing execution system) solution provider in Plastics and Rubber.

In its market analysis study “Manufacturing Execution Systems for the Discrete Industries 2017-2022”, ARC highlights the growing importance of modern MES solutions for manufacturers looking to improve performance, reduce costs, and respond fast to changing market demands.

In its evaluation, ARC identifies Epicor as offering both the functionality and specific vertical manufacturing industry expertise that marks it out as a top MES solution provider in this industry.

Dedicated to helping manufacturing businesses become fast, fit, and flexible, this accolade is music to our ears.

Indeed, it provides independent validation that our platform delivers the production monitoring, process monitoring, energy monitoring, alerts, production scheduling quality management, and advanced analytics that today’s manufacturers need to achieve competitive advantage.

Epicor leads the pack

In its comprehensive assessment of the MES marketplace, ARC identifies Epicor Mattec MES as the #1 solution, by revenue and market share, in the plastics and rubber industry category.

ARC ranks suppliers by revenue in industry, regions and several other categories.  Outperforming 26 other leading MES suppliers in the plastics and rubber industry, Epicor provides tools that are applicable to the plastics and rubber operations—without requiring customization.

Indeed, it was this out-of-the-/box faculty that enabled The Vollrath Company to get its Mattec MES platform up and running fast. Within a matter of months, the company was able to utilize real-time monitoring to increase production uptime from 79 percent to 91 percent.

But the gains didn’t end there. Vollrath was also able to leverage Mattec MES to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)—boosting it by 10 percent in the first year. This equated to $728,000 in annual savings for the company.

By delivering constant real-time data on shop floor processes, Mattec MES enables manufacturers to understand where problems exist, or improvements may be made.

Something that’s especially critical for manufacturers operating high-speed environments, where mitigating any factor that could adversely impact a production order is vital.

Transforming operations for growth—in every sector

The good news, Epicor expertise isn’t just limited to plastics manufacturing because we support other industries such as automotive, electronics, injection molding, metal fabrication and more.

For example, Southco, a specialist manufacturer of engineered access hardware solutions—such as entry door latches and locks—has utilized Mattec MES to improve assembly bench utilization by 40 percent.

By seamlessly blending data and production, Southco’s operations teams are now transforming their facilities into ‘smart’ factories—connecting software with processes to increase efficiency while reducing defects, downtime and waste.

The future of manufacturing—preparing for Industry 4.0

According to ARC, modern MES solutions are a key element for manufacturers that want to embark on digital transformation.

In order to reap the rewards of the so-called ‘fourth industrial revolution’ and open process automation, manufacturers will need to have amodern MES platform in place that makes it easy to introduce next generation technologies—like digital twins, smart connected devices, augmented reality, and analytics—and tie everything together to deliver seamless and highly efficient workflows.

The good news is that manufacturers looking to create a ‘factory of the future’ can be confident that Epicor Mattec MES is an ideal platformfor enabling end-to-end smart operations and new connected technologies.

To download full report, please visit here.

Andrew Robling, Principle Product Manager Epicor