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WMS Levels

When you purchase and implement RF Navigator in your warehouse you will immediately see game changing benefits. Data entry time will be reduced, inventory accuracy will jump to almost 90% and your customer fulfillment will be noticeably improved. For many of our customers, these improvements are such a breakthrough that they stop chasing additional benefits, even ones that are within reach.  We developed the RF Navigator WMS levels worksheet to make sure that our customers got every last benefit out of RF Navigator and in turn drastically increase their ROI.

How it Works

WMS levels are an easy to follow ranking of where your warehouse stands in their use of RF Navigator. Starting with a ‘Beginner’ level and working up to ‘Best in Class’, it allows for a site to work on specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and use building blocks to slowly improve metrics and see gains, without being frustrated by slow and steady improvement. Our easy to use template allows each goal to be assigned to a user, a status to be set (from unattained, to in progress, to goal achieved), and once every goal of a level is achieved, the level header will be marked as complete. This is a great way to help your operation team improve the metrics on the RF Navigator Executive Summary and work towards overall improvement. As your level improves, your monthly summary will show a noticeable trend upward.

Getting Started

WMS Levels starts easy! The ‘Beginner’ level focuses on putting in the effort, even if you aren’t necessarily seeing the results yet. A lot like muscle memory, it lays out 20 easy to obtain tasks. From cycle counting everything you have scheduled for a week to reviewing the sync dump to making sure RF Navigator is in sync with your ERP. The results of your effort are secondary to learning the process it takes to become a great user. As you move onto the ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’ levels, the KPIs will be more of a focus, encouraging you to dig in and find correctable mistakes. Doing this will help you see your results jump into what we would expect all customers to see, such as a 95% or better inventory accuracy rating or handling problem areas, such as replenishments and put always, proactively. All of these end up leading to an increase in productivity, and an improved level of customer service.  Once you’ve started to work proactively, you’ll see yourself move into the ‘Best in Class’ level. Your operation will be humming along because you are tracking and acting on productivity in real time and moving your users around your operation based on operational need!

This is just another way Majure Data is investing in customer satisfaction and the continued improvement of the use of RF Navigator across all customers. Please contact Majure Data to receive the WMS Levels Worksheet and start getting the most out of RF Navigator today! If you are struggling in some areas we strongly encourage you to utilize the Majure Data support department to help you achieve your next level.

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