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How a Quality WMS Can Improve a 'Tight Ship'

One of the objections we encounter when telling companies about our Epicor Warehouse Management System is that they already run a tight ship. These successful and efficient companies are skeptical that a quality WMS will bring about great benefits for their already smooth sailing ship.

These companies are doing a lot of things right but, as you know, there is always room for improvement. It’s important to note that the companies that are already doing well tend to be the ones who accomplish even greater success with a properly implemented WMS, and they do it at a faster pace than the companies that have operational struggles to overcome.

Why is this?

The correlation between successful companies and the implementation of a quality WMS comes down to a few common attributes. 

Companies that run a tighter ship...

  • Measure what matters most.
  • Already have a culture where doing things right the first time is a priority (including keeping the warehouse clean and organized).
  • Analyze processes effectively, looking at problems from the perspective of the entire company rather than any single department, and determining the best course of action for the company as a whole.
  • Are familiar with having to reallocate labor quickly when processes change in the warehouse because of the implementation of new equipment or procedures.
  • Never settle for where they are and are always willing to innovate to find out where they can go next.
  • Cut through the excuses for staying where the company is and are willing to challenge different aspects of the company for the sake of progress.
  • Are willing to hold people accountable.

The attributes listed above combined with the implementation of a quality WMS like Epicor Warehouse Management System will take a good company and give them the opportunity to become a great company. After all, the qualities that make for a successful manual operation only make you better when you implement a WMS.

Finally, it is worth noting that it takes a lot of time and effort to run a tight ship with a manual, paper-based warehousing operation.  A fair amount of time is wasted on tasks such as checking each shipment, cycle counting with paper, and entering data into spreadsheets to track staff productivity.  All of these can be streamlined through a proper WMS installation.

So, what tasks could a quality WMS take off your employees’ plates so they can focus on becoming great? If you're already a good company that is interested in becoming great, contact us today to learn more about Epicor Warehouse Management System!

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