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Get Stoked for Growth During the Epicor LBM User Conference

Learning is an essential and unending process throughout the lifetime of owning a lumber and building materials (LBM) business. During the 2016 Epicor LBM User Conference, LBM dealers, as well as industry and technology experts, will participate in two days of networking and business growth education. Attendees will gain valuable insight about to how to better utilize the Epicor BisTrack™, Catalyst, Falcon, ECS Pro, and LumberTrack solutions to dive deeper into their businesses, and ultimately improve the bottom line.

It's great to see new features and know our decision to replace our in-house system with Epicor software continues to be a good investment.

Frank Ryan
president, Ryan Building Products

Get Stoked for Growth during the Epicor LBM User ConferenceWhy should technology education matter to LBM dealers? Simple-change is vital for success. Education is one vehicle for change, giving employees a chance to learn new things, refresh a stale process, implement a new technology, enable teamwork between experienced workers and new hires, and open up a channel for LBM dealers to communicate the company direction and goals. A variety of sessions will be offered during the two-day conference such as: BisTrack Cloud Review and Demo, Technology Roundtables, Business Automation with LumberTrack, The Simple EDI, and, The New Face of Credit Card Processing, among others.
LBM dealers will gain the following by participating in conference events:

  • Learn how to get the most out of their Epicor systems
  • Return from the conference armed with cost-saving, revenue-boosting, and process-improving initiatives that can be implemented immediately
  • Make professional contacts who can be consulted with long after the conference ends 
  • Meet with Epicor product and technology experts in person to discuss unique needs and specific questions
  • Build relationships in specific product, technology, and industry user communities for ongoing discussions of best practices

The conference will connect hundreds of LBM dealers looking to gain opportunities to learn and network with their peers. "Meeting people in this line of work and hearing presentations from other dealers with businesses just like ours really helps us gain experience," says David Jones, president, Brookside Lumber.

Attendees will have the chance to explore technologies and techniques to drive performance and productivity in their businesses. They will also be able to sit in on hands-on education sessions, explore new strategies for solving business challenges, and discuss emerging industry and business trends. "It's great to see new features and know our decision to replace our in-house system with Epicor software continues to be a good investment," says Frank Ryan, president, Ryan Building Products.

Of other importance, the conference will feature industry expert Greg Brooks. A well-known analyst and author in the construction supply industry, Brooks promises to offer insight from new research conducted in conjunction with FP Innovations to be published later this year in The Next Decade in North American Building Product Distribution. Brooks will also deliver a thought-provoking session, "How to Calculate the Value of Your Service in Hard Dollars and Cents," which will help attendees communicate the value of their services to contractors and builders.

We hope you'll join us and your peers in Anaheim, Calif. on November 17 and 18! For more information and to register, visit www.epicor.com/lbm-conf.

Posted by Carole Randle, marketing manager, lumber and building materials solutions, Epicor Software