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Epicor BisTrack Warehouse Management Now Available for iOS

All of the functionality of Epicor BisTrack™ Warehouse Management for Android is now available on Apple iOS devices. Our suite of BisTrack Warehouse Management applications includes: BisTrack Count, BisTrack Picking, and BisTrack Receipt.

With BisTrack Count, users can:

  • Instantly make inventory adjustments
  • Download inventory counts to work offline in areas without data access
  • Perform stock counts by bin location or count group
  • Instantly capture inventory count quantities
  • Add products to the stock count on the fly
  • See variances on the device while performing the count
  • Send count quantities back to BisTrack, updating the stock count

BisTrack Picking helps users:

  • Find orders and transfers to be picked
  • Enter and update picked quantities
  • Mark transactions as picked, including creating back orders if required

Utilizing BisTrack Receipt, users can:

  •  Find purchase orders to be received
  •  Download purchase orders to work offline in areas without data access.
  • Capture supplier shipping details.
  •  Capture quantities received from the supplier.
  •  Send received quantities back to BisTrack creating a stock receipt and updating the purchase order

The BisTrack Warehouse Management apps have a responsive design that allows them to work well on an iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, or iPod Touch. The availability of BisTrack Warehouse Management apps for iOS is another example of the continued investment by Epicor in solutions that fit lumber and building materials businesses, are easy to use, and allow businesses to grow and compete in the market.


Kevin Hodge is the Senior LBM Product Director at Epicor. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn.


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