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  • Industry Data Analytics: Annual award presented by Epicor highlights benefits of mastering big data

Industry Data Analytics: Annual award presented by Epicor highlights benefits of mastering big data

Epicor worked with the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) in establishing an annual award to recognize innovative, collaborative technology initiatives that drive growth for suppliers and their channel partners.

The first recipients of the new AASA Channel Excellence Award Presented by Epicor were Tenneco, Inc. and Parts Warehouse, Inc., for an eight-month project that led to impressive increases in sales of Monroe® replacement strut assemblies.

The Tenneco / PWI initiative began in November 2017 when Tenneco and PWI executives discussed growth opportunities for the coming year. PWI Chairman Fletcher Lord asked Tenneco to analyze the distributor’s ride control sales—particularly in “bare” struts (non-assemblies)—and develop a plan to accelerate growth for each of its DCs and stores.

Within 45 days, Tenneco had leveraged data analytics tools, along with extensive inventory and point of sale information provided by PWI, to develop a plan to replace early 70 percent of PWI’s bare strut inventory with Monroe assemblies. The plan worked from day one, with sales growth of between 5 and 190 percent across all participating locations.

 “AASA and Epicor developed this award to highlight real-world examples of channel partners using data analytics and other modern technologies to achieve mutual, profitable growth,” said Rod Bayless, senior director, Industry Data Analytics, Epicor. “The same benefits are available to virtually any supplier and distributor that wants to explore new, fact-based approaches to sales and profit growth.”

The Tenneco / PWI project was one of three initiatives selected as award finalists. The other finalists were Brake Parts Inc. / Genuine Parts Co. and Gates Corp. / XL Parts.

Click here to watch a brief video describing the winning project and read more about the award.

(Left to right)

Paul McCarthy, AASA executive vice president and MEMA senior vice president, strategy, planning and information services; Joe Pase, IT executive director, Tenneco; Scott Thompson, senior vice president, automotive and business services, Epicor; and Fletcher Lord III, PWI vice president.

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