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Digital Commerce Calling

To all our manufacturing and distribution customers - digital commerce is calling!  

By now, you might have downloaded the Epicor Insights 2017 agenda and possibly excited about the great sessions we have lined up for you.  As the leader of digital commerce at Epicor, I want to share my perspective of what this means to your business and why it is important for you to take action NOW!

According to Forrester, the growth in digital commerce is expected to reach $1.13 trillion by 2020.  In fact, whatever research trends you read, or simply see the way Amazon is growing - this trend is happening at a furious pace.  The way consumers shop today, their expectation from online commerce sites is extraordinary - accurate search results, engaging and in depth product information with striking images, easy-to-buy experience with a zillion convenience options to ship, store pickup, etc.  These same consumers now go to their day jobs and are the business buyers that a typical manufacturing and distribution organization has to satisfy.  The business buyer's expectation is to be able to have a similar amazing experience when they make purchases on behalf of their organizations.  Many manufacturing and distribution companies have recognized this trend, and enacting their digital strategies to transform their business to engage with their buyers at a time and place of the buyer's choosing.  On the other hand, there are several manufacturing and distribution organizations that are hesitant to make the leap into the digital commerce world.  And. this is where we are here to help.

At Epicor, we put forward a digital commerce strategy that protects and leverages investment already made in your enterprise resource planning (ERP) version 10 or Prophet 21 solutions.  We understand that your ERP reflects your business processes, stores your product data, business rules, pricing controls, customer/order info, etc.   We have created a digital commerce solution - Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) that seamlessly fits into that Omni Channel view of your business with the ERP in the center serving as the single source of truth.  ECC brings your business a compelling digital storefront with all the modern tools to deliver a great customer experience and leverage the data that already exists in your ERP solution.  

ECC is a set of manufacturing and distributor specific B2B features built on top of the world's premier commerce platform, Magento.  In fact, Gartner recently recognized Magento as a leader in their Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce.  ECC also features an ERP specific communications layer to smartly exchange data in real-time between the commerce front end and the ERP back end.   This means that all your product information, pricing, inventory position, customer specific business rules, quotes, orders, invoices, and payments are all mastered in the ERP and intelligently reflected to the buyer throughout their purchasing experience.

For the B2C buyer, ECC offers guest and account login, transactions associated with an ERP account and smart checkout with shipping, payment and tax options tightly integrated within the system.  The storefront can leverage all the great features offered by the Magento ecosystem including great looking themes to align with the organization's brand.

For the B2B buyer, ECC offers customer self-service out of the box functionality with all the quote, order, invoice, payment, returns, and shipping information coming from the ERP.  ECC also provides the B2B buyer specific login associated with their ERP account, including specific pricing and buying rules, quick order pad, easy reorder feature, tailored search, payment on account - to name a few features.

Epicor also offers a one-top-shop ECC solution for the manufacturing and distribution customers that include implementation of the commerce solution, software subscription, hosting, support, and ongoing management of the digital storefront.

If you want to find out more information, we have lined up many exciting digital commerce sessions at Insights 2017.  There will be strategic sessions aimed at the business decision maker on formulating and enacting a digital commerce strategy and why making this investment is critical to drive your business growth.  We will also have several manufacturing and distribution customer stories to share on how they have empowered this commerce journey and the critical commerce features they value.  We have also lined up many technical hands-on-sessions and labs to satisfy the curious minds wanting “how do I” questions answered.

This is why, digital commerce is calling!  For more information please visit the Insights site, contact your Account Manager or reach out directly to me.

We are excited about this journey and looking forward to a very engaging few days listening to our customers at Insights 2017!

Posted by Srini Venugopal, Director eCommerce Product Management, Epicor


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