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The Advantage of Agile Environments

July will mark my 17th year at Epicor on the Eclipse product line. When I started, I was on a team with multiple writers. We were all assigned different areas of the product to document. Times change and I've inherited all those different areas of documentation and maintain them. What that means is when an area of the product gets updated during a release, I find documentation that was written, literally, a decade ago. 

Let's embrace the opportunity, rather than lamenting the obvious challenge.

Dawn Miller
Principal Content Specialist, Epicor

This happened to me this release. Initially, I lamented the fact that I was forced to rework information that is old and out of date, doesn't follow the current guidelines, and is generally hard to read (to me). However, it's a golden opportunity to make this information fresh and new for our users. I get to better organize and explain information so that they can do their jobs better. It's a challenge! When else would I be able to set aside time to go back and rework an area of content? This particular project had been on my to-do list to revisit for several years and now I'm requested to address it. Hurray, I say! Remember, though, perfection is not a key to success. Knowing your content, especially in large projects, allows flexibility in this content refurbishment for concise and usable information without "over rework." This, along with knowing that you do not need to fix something that isn't broken, makes your work more effective.

Rework in an agile, scrum environment like most of us work in is a standard practice. That's the nature of the beast, because ideally we as a team are communicating how to adjust the product to better serve our customers. These adjustments include code, QA test cases, training videos, and online content. 

Let's embrace the opportunity, rather than lamenting the obvious challenge.

Posted by Dawn Miller, Principal Content Specialist, Epicor